Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sayonara Breakfast Bar

This is where I started....two days ago. Goal....get rid of the "breakfast bar". That's how it was advertised in the literature about our house when we looked at it. Why would you be at the bar at breakfast? I don't know. Anyway, my plan was to get rid of it and put a long skinny table with bar stools that slide under, in the kitchen. Seriously....have you checked out CSN Stores? I'm totally coveting the bar stools there....I see a review in my future. Does anyone need a sign painted? The kitchen fund is getting low. ;-)

More on that when I figure out how to build this table.....might be checking in with Ana.

Anyway, by the end of the afternoon the island was finito.

I used the short section of the island to fill in a space that had originally been for the fridge.....when fridges were about the size of my purse. Getting our fridge to fit in that spot would be like squeezing an elephant into a phone booth. I digress.
No fridge there, moved the base cabinet into the new counter can reach ALL THE WAY to the end of the wall. Yay.

This may be my crowning achievement so far. I know, it doesn't look exciting.....but do you remember what this looked like before? It was a GIANT.GAPING.HOLE. straight to my roof (the kitchen has it's own one story roof). Now it has been patched, insulated and ready for drywall. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hold drywall above your head, fish it through the drop ceiling support boards, hold it against the original ceiling and screw it in place BY YOURSELF? This has been the part of the project that I have procrastinated.....and it turned out to be just as horrible as I had dreaded.
I'm thinking a cruise may be in order... just sayin'.
I need an ibuprofen just thinking about it. I'll be right back.
So after I had noodle arms and could go no further with the whole ceiling show I worked on the floor. Got the mess off the entry floor. Only another 489 bajillion square feet to go. ;-)

Oh....and I thought I'd share my snazzy gloves. A girl's still gotta be cute while doing DIY.

This is how I ALWAYS look when I do DIY...happy, smiling, no cursing, strength to hold a camera at arm's length without grimmacing in know, I'm a professional.
If you'd like the real show, stand under my window at 11pm tonight when I sound like a sailor on shore leave with arms that no longer function. ;-)
It will be worth will be worth will be worth it.......


  1. Wow! You go girl, I'm impressed! I will call you next time I need some heavy lifting. Ha ha Can't wait to see more but you might need to rest.

  2. Your renovation is going fabulously! I wish I had as much ambition as you (my husband also wishes I had as much ambition as you).

  3. LOL, keep repeating your chant. It will be worth it once it's all done. It's looking good so far!


  4. If I was a homeowner I would make you the "Get it done" Saint - complete with that picture of you! How could I not repaint the entry way with that smile motivating me?

    Looks awesome! Great idea with the small fridge space and using the breakfast bar.

    Great job so far!

  5. It will be worth it! Just think of all the muscles your building! By the time your project is complete you will be one buff DIY loving momma - - With a NEW kitchen.

    p.s. your right that table is amazing. Wouldn't mind one of my own.

  6. Do I know what it's like to put up drywall on the ceiling?

    Ummm.... no.

    You are seriously wonder woman in my opinion.

    Love how you filled the gap with the base cabinet. How clever are you? And, you can 100 percent build that island in your photo. Seriously. No need to consult Ana. You are a pro.

    Love it all. Keep on keeping on.


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