Monday, November 22, 2010

The Beautious Sink

First, on Saturday I was blessed with a countertop. THEN, on Sunday I was quadruple blessed with a sink....and running water....and a garbage disposer....and a spigot dedicated solely to FILTERED water. I've gone to plumbing heaven. My dad put in....oh....roughly 24 straight hours of toiling, backbreaking, icky, dirty, headache-inducing work to make that blessing happen however. I am forever indebted. (for many more reasons than just plumbing)
First of all, that pretty gleaming white piece of cast iron up there weighed more than I do.
I'm pretty sure...okay, well I did eat some Halloween candy today....maybe we'll say it weighed a vaguely similar amount to me. ;-)

Did you know this goes on the sink first? It's called plumber's putty. I had no idea. You learn somethin' new everyday, huh?

Then it got squished down by Dad.

Once the faucet was in place we lifted that behemoth into the hole in the countertop. Not an easy task while trying to avoid the caulk around the ring of the sink....and not scratch the countertop....and not just drop the whole show because it's like lifting a car up by one of it's hubcaps.

Dad fixed the weirdo plumbing in the basement. Originally the kitchen sink drained into a pipe that ran straight across the top there, then fell straight down. In fact it ACTUALLY ran UPHILL for a ways. UP.HILL. Add one wimpy Badger 1 and an uphill battle in the plumbing...well you get the picture. Dad fixed it it goes slaloming down into the sewer. Praise be.

The finished product. Wow. Wowwy. WOWZER.

This pretty girl sat in a box, in my basement, for six years. Uh-huh. SIX.YEARS. She deserved better for all her chromey beautifulness.....
SO, in conclusion......MY DAD ROCKS. Thanks go take a nap.


  1. I can't think! It's just too beautiful, words have escaped me ...give me a second . . .Ok, I'm back . . . . WOW! She is so pretty. And the facuet - she really knows how to make an entrance!

  2. Next post please! I can't wait to see the finished room, I've been following avidly :)

  3. Love it! Plumber's putty? Hmmmm, that might be why my faucet moves around and leaks. My great dad helped me install my kitchen faucet. He tried his best, but I might have to let him know about plumber's putty. :) What a great and generous dad you have!

  4. I wish our dads are near enough to come over and help us. You must be proud to have him around. I guess, my hubby needs to learn more of these things. We just moved in and there are lots of work to do, from plumbing to painting. We are trying our best and we're very blessed to have friends coming over to help us. We recently learned of the plumber's putty too. It's very handy. It creates watertight seals around the faucets and drain. I'd say, it's a must-have for DIY-ers. Thanks for sharing! Have a great day!

    Althea Tumlin


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