Monday, November 15, 2010

A Ceiling? I was kinda getting used to this ;-)

Praise goodness....I almost have a finished kitchen. At least that's the one I'm going with. ;-) Trust me friends, you have never seen a grown woman so excited about insulation. EVER. The horrendous holes in the ceiling have all been patched and the insulation is up. My husband even screwed in a few drywall screws (while cussing under his breath) as I held those bugger sheets up there against the original ceiling. DIY is NOT the highlight of his life....but I just couldn't do that alone.
The drywall contractor has been called....a ceiling is imminent. I feel it.


  1. Yippeeeeee!

    What a difference that will make. I have tingles I'm just so happy for you!


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