Sunday, November 14, 2010

Dare to DIY, Week One

Dare to DIY

This is week one of The NewlyWoodwards' Dare to Do it Yourself blog party! This week's theme is Dare to Be Thankful....Thanksgiving projects shall ensue!
This is what I did last year for the party.
This year I obviously have less energy. ;-) I needed a project that was quick and made from things I already trips to the big city for me this weekend.
Let's pretend my neverending kitchen project is finished and I'm ready to decorate....
this is a good start. ;-)

Meet Mr. Turkey and his little sign.

This is where it all began. Scrap wood in my basement...a chippy, dirty, nicely aged, painted board.

I cut two pieces off...and a few smaller scrappy boards to nail to the back to hold the two pieces together.

Fine craftsmanship, huh? ;-)

Next I needed a turkey. Making a turkey from wire is easier than you might think.

Here he we need to connect his beak.

Poor broken beak turkey.

Just hold him underneath your tea mug and solder his beak together.

Paint the words on the boards.

Sand the words back off.

Attach Mr. Turkey with a few tiny nails and there you go.

Easy peasy funky Thanksgiving art.

Feeling right at home in my kitchen.


  1. I love your sign and the little Mr. Turkey is very cute!

  2. That's adorable - I love the way you use stuff you already had! That was the theme for my project as well. :-)

  3. shut up! that's so amazing and adorable. genius.

    love the wire turkey on the sign. takes it to a whole new level. awesome.

  4. very VERY cute. i love this a bunch and you have inspired me to try some wire art. nice job!!!!!

  5. Wait, you soldered??!? I'm impressed. I love its understated-ness, it's cute without being cutesy.

  6. So cool. I love the sign, and made a wire turkey!?! Amazing. I love how it turned out. Very funky yet classic.

  7. Oh my goodness. THIS is what you do when you have less time? It looks amazing. You could honestly sell these. They are adorable. The sign itself is cute, but the addition of the wire turkey?

    Love it all. As always.

    Thanks for joining in, despite all your craziness. =)

  8. Wow I have to agree with everyone that wire turkey is awesome on your sign, I'm impressed for sure! Thanks for such a great idea :+)

  9. Oh I love this!! I'm definitely going to have to use this idea for something--just not sure what yet. I love the wire-on-wood look!

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog!

    That sign is so cute and I like how the turkey isn't the most prominent thing on it. The "aged" look really gives it character.

  11. I love this project!! The distressed look of the painted letters looks great. Nice work!

  12. creative. I just can't get over that wire turkey....great job!

  13. This is the most adorable turkey and great Thanksgiving decoration! I need to remember this for next year! Do you know what the gauge is for the wire? Thanks for the inspiration :)


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