Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Countertop...Door....Countertop...Door....which can it be?

I love myself a good deal....or maybe I just really don't like to spend money. Both probably. Have you seen this today? I'm there....oh boy, am I ever THERE! As soon as I can get THERE!! Anyway, if I can keep my mind off Reusable Usables long enough to
finish the post I'll try.
Several weeks ago I snatched up two cupboards from the ReStore. Do you remember? Since then I've installed them (all by myself...squeeling!!!) I even needed to level them with little wedges...oh yeah, I'm a professional, stand back. Since that was a success I was ready for the countertop. Last year one of our local hundred year old school buildings was demolished. Beforehand there was an auction...we could basically buy ANYTHING out of the building. I bought a lot. A LOT. My husband is so sweet...he didn't even complain (very much) helping me dismantle/detach/deconstruct/tear down/carry all my new belongings to the truck...three stories down, scary, dark, wet, slick stairs.
One of those purchases was a giganto solid oak door, with all the trim, door casing, and heavy duty antique door knobs/hinges...for $1. It didn't have panels...so I thought it would make a perfect countertop someday. Little did I know it would be pressed into service so soon! My folks came to visit this weekend. My dad brought his circular saw, fancy clamps, fancy guide ruler thingy....all fancy stuff I have no idea how to use. BUT, he cut out my AWESOME new counterop...with a big hunk left for a tabletop next to the oven. We (he) needs to do a tiny tad of patching where the hinges were, but other than that it's P.E.R.F.E.C.T. So much character.
Thanks Dad!!!! And thank you to my Mom who folded ALL our laundry while she was here....do you know how much laundry three boys and one girl make? Enough to clothe the entirety of a small island nation.
Now on to the next step.....when the drywall is finished on the ceiling Dad is going to build fancy schmancy shelves above that cupboard...with his fancy schmancy tools.


  1. You are seriously my superhero. You made a countertop from a DOOR? What? And, you leveled the cabinet? Rockin' my world, girl.

    You name the time and I'll meet you in LeClaire. We'll pick up the stools while we're there and get lunch. Okay? :) Neither of us have anythign going on. haha

  2. wow. love it! i have two solid wood doors (with panels) that i'm dying to do something with. a headboard? cut one up to make some cool signs?

    thanks for the inspiration!!!


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