Sunday, July 24, 2011

Miss Effie's Annual Ice Cream Social

Is there a more delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon than on the farm, surrounded by talented, interesting people, baby goats and homemade ice cream?  Today was Miss Effie's annual ice cream social, with all proceeds benefiting the North Scott Food Pantry.  Miss Eff is that kinda gal.  She's a giver....and I think she's fourteen kinds of wonderful. 
My husband told me the other day he thinks Miss Eff and I are soul mates...I can't argue. 

Not even this crazytown front moving through the area could keep us from the party.  It rained....but only briefly. Mother Nature smiled on Miss Eff's party today. 

My littles got right down to business with the cake and ice cream.  There were no smiles, there were no "look at Mom and grin" photos to be had....this was homemade cake AND homemade ice cream.  Only the sounds of slurping and swallowing could be heard.

French silk chocolate ice cream with Miss Eff's VERY special carrot cake....can we have a moment of silence for this combination.   It was fabulous.  I could have eaten an embarrassing amount of each....
but I restrained myself. ;-)  I should have taken a photo of the cake table....there would be keyboards shorting out all over the world, from the uncontrollable drooling. ;-) hehehe

No trip to Miss Eff's would be complete without checking out the beautiful flowers.  I had to point out the flower supports to my husband....bent cattle panels.  Genius. 

The little goats were adorable.  They make the cutest little noises.  I think they'll all sleep well tonight after being chased around their pen all day by enthusiastic visitors. 

Marsh REALLY liked the little ones...they're just about as big as a puppy.  Picking them up was a different story....not being regular goat wranglers he wasn't exactly sure how to pick one up and not have it shoot out of his arms like a greased pig!  They're tricky little fellas.


The flowers were beautiful everywhere we went.  And the garden markers....seriously?  Have you ever seen more beautiful markers?  LOVE THEM.   My friend Becky made them...she does wonderful work, yes?  I need a truckload of these I think.

If I was a chicken I would live here.   

With all my lady friends....and enjoy the view. 

The music was awesome....very "Miss Eff-esque". 

This is one of my favorite spots on the farm.  Everytime I read that sign up there I think to myself, "being a little naughty is good for everyone." ;-)   

We really enjoyed our afternoon and want to thank Miss Eff for hosting her wonderful party.  It is a priviledge for all of us to share in the very special place that is Miss Effie's Country Flowers!!


  1. So sorry I live so far away (Pennsylvania) looked like a great way to spend a afternoon.

  2. It was a lovely time. My daughter and I were there briefly. Too bad I missed you.

  3. Looks like your boys for sure had a good time. That's funny how you said there were no smiles just slurping. Ha Ha! Your photos are super good. Really shows her place well. Wish I was there.
    Wow! Even live music!
    Nice afternoon.

  4. How fun, albeit sticky! That storm flooded streets in Cedar Rapids--glad it barely touched Miss Effie's beautiful place!

  5. Is there any carrot cake left?..because that looks DELICIOUS!! How about a baby goat? I want to squeeze their little faces!

  6. We were also there. Sooo enjoyed the homemade chocolate icecream. My daughter loved the kitten and other children there. I just loved visiting with the people and shopping all the local artisian's products. I'm a big support of local, homemade, handmade items. Enjoyed reading your blog and you take beautiful photos. I did see you there taking your snap shots! Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet.

  7. How do I say thank you, my dear dear friend? I was truly blessed the day I met you.

    The pics are beautiful! Is that really my farm?????

    Love ya, soul-sista!!!!

  8. It was a wonderful time! And to answer your question, YES! The baby goats were exhausted and glad to get back to their barn! But we really enjoyed everyone "loving" on the goaties. Your pics are adorable!

    Tamara Houseman

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