Friday, July 29, 2011

Bath Remodel....End of the First Four Days

Bathroom remodel.....beginning of Day 4. 

End of Day 4. New super duper exhaust fan WITH LIGHT installed. 

NEW, CLEAN insulation.  All the blown in and puny batting is gone. 

Here we come winter!  Nice ceiling insulation. 

Even all the cracks and crevices are filled.  Rich doesn't miss a beat. 

Yesterday as I was working on my little sink table project outside, Rich came out and said he had a surprise for me.   Surprises and remodeling aren't a good I held my breath....until he handed me this.   NEATO, right?!   He found this old measuring stick in the wall!  So what are your guesses?  Original to the house build date of 1918 or the subsequent remodelings in the 1970's?  I'm just going to pretend it's nearly a hundred years old....that makes it more interesting. ;-) 

Wiring and plumbing start on Monday. 
At this rate we'll have an ACTUAL WORKING bathroom  in a flash!

Oh, and how many kinds of love do you feel for the patina on that table?  Loves.


  1. Excited to see what you do with this bathroom! It looks like it is going fast!

  2. Looks like your moving right along. You all should be warm this winter with that new insulation.
    Nice find, it looks like what my grandfather used to have. It's a keeper!


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