Monday, July 18, 2011

Snazzy Clothes for All

Wow!   Summer is just flying by.....a wedding we've been anticipating for months came and went on Saturday.  Our friends Kara and Dan were married in a beautiful outdoor wedding at a nature preserve.  We shall all say thanks for glorious air conditioning afterwards...and for a minister who kept the ceremony short and sweet. ;-)  

I was FINALLY able to wear a dress I've been DY.ING to wear somewhere....I bought it for $6 at Goodwill...and actually paid twice that to have it drycleaned, but I guess it was worth it. ;-)  Beautiful green silk that flared out when I spun around on the dance floor.  FUN STUFF folks.  I have a confession.....I buy most of my clothes at Goodwill.  The Marion, Iowa Goodwill is possibly the best Goodwill in all the land....brand new high quality clothes ALL THE TIME.  Awesome clothes.  I once scored a pair of $200 jeans there....for $3.  I didn't much care that they originally cost $200....but realized there is definitely a difference in quality between $200 jeans and $30 jeans! 

Happy shopping (and wedding season)  friends!! :-)


  1. You guys look amazing and that dress looks awesome on you. Beautiful and like it was made for you.

    I love Goodwill and am really looking forward to having time to go to Goodwill and SalVo when school is done and the house is sold. Soon? I hope?

  2. LOVE. the. dress.

    It was obviously made just for you! Looks great! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! You clean up good! What a hansom family my grandmother would say. Ha ha
    Can't believe that dress! What a bargain! That should make your husband happy.

  4. snazzy! love the dress. you have such a beautiful family.

    i'm glad you find nice clothes at goodwill! my goodwill has a terrible smell and all the clothes look like they are from my grandparents basement. ... no good.

    hope you're having a splendid summer!


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