Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Bathroom...Bits and Pieces

Do you like your bathroom?  I can't say that I like mine.  The upstairs bath, yes.  The downstairs bath, no.  Not. At. All.  It functions....I guess....but has lots of issues.  And, well, frankly, I've reached my limit.   

The exhaust fan is only remotely in the vicinity of the shower...and we all know what happens when moisture can't escape.  Bad, bad things.  In fact, the shower itself was installed wrong and upon developing a leak we were informed the only solution was tearing out the whole thing....or caulking it to within an inch of its life.   We chose the latter...knowing its life was coming to a close.  Those are just a few things....there are lots more. (Like the giganto whirlpool tub that is used exclusively as a giganto laundry hamper.)

Now the pieces and bits are being collected...for....wait for it....wait for it......A BATH REMODEL.  Guess what folks.  I'm not doing a thing.  Not a darn thing. My super hero, Rich, is remodeling the bath.  After the kitchen remodel I've got nothin.  Not an ounce of energy left.  I can't wait for you to see what we do with that ole table up there.  It's oak under all that paint. 

Then these two little vintage lovelies came into my life this past week.  $16 for both....can you believe?  They jumped into my arms.  We're going to rewire them so they can be hardwired instead of plugged in.  (Well actually my dad will probably rewire them...there's really no "we' in it.  ;-) 

I tried them out on the kitchen wall....makes me think I REALLY want beadboad in the bath too.....just so my lights can look this pretty. ;-) 

A few weeks ago my stars aligned and sent me to the ReStore.  Okay, it doesn't take much to get me to the ReStore, but I digress.  There, in the midst of rusty, mineral deposited sinks were beautiful shiny twins.  BRAND. SPANKIN'. NEW. shiny twins.  Brand spankin' new KOHLER twins.  I quickly whipped out my trusty phone and looked up this particular model of Kohler sink, which retails for $320 each.  EACH?  Holy crapola.  I took these babies home for $40 each.  WITH the cutting templates and porcelain cleaner that originally came packed with the sinks.  WHAT THE FRANK?  How did these beautiful twins end up at the ReStore?  Frankly I don't really care because now they live in my basement until their big day. 

Tub, tile and faucets up next.  :-)


  1. Love the light fixtures!! Love. them!!!

    And I'm thinkin' the table will rock that bathroom!

  2. Your right. Ha ha! Ugly bathroom but not for long. Those lamps are beautiful. Especially against the bead board. Your right. I don't blame you about being a little burnt out from all your work in the kitchen, but sooo worth it.

  3. Wow! That's a lot of brass in that bathroom. And not good brass. ;)

    It's going to look awesome. LOVE LOVE LOVE the table and lights and sinks you found. You are awesome and I can't wait to see it come together.

    And, you definitely need beadboard.

  4. Yeah! How exciting! And even more exciting that you are not going to have to do everything yourself. I love those finds you picked up. We have an ugly bathroom too that is begging for a makeover. Unfortunately I think it is going to have to wait awhile. Maybe I can just live vicariously through yours!


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