Monday, July 11, 2011

Summer Days

Where is the summer going?  How can we be in the middle of July already?  Why can't February go this quickly?  We've been having lots of fun we'll just keep soaking in each day. 

The Fourth of July weekend was very special around here....we were visited by our favorite aunt and uncle, my brother Mike and his wife Michelle.  USUALLY they are hard at work on the farm, J & W Freshwater Produce....but somehow we were able to steal them away for a few days.  We fed them, played, spit watermelon seeds, had a hilarious water balloon fight (the balloons didn't actually break, just bounced off and splattered on the stomach hasn't hurt that much from laughing in a long time!!!), lit sparklers...just had a good old fashioned time. 

We've been riding bikes....Marshall is on two wheels now...riding like a champion.   

Clancey is close behind....are you thinking what I'm thinking while looking at this photo?  Clown car.  The kid is E.NOR.MOUS.  Grown more than two inches since Christmas....he is eclipsing that micro bike.

Trying to grow teeth as quickly as we can before sweet corn season arrives.  Almost there Marsh!! 

Got ice cream from the ice cream truck for the FIRST TIME since moving years ago. ;-)  I remembered why we've never chased down the ice cream truck.  I'll just leave it at that. ;-) 

Devoured the treats....or licked quickly, as is the case with no front teeth.  

Licked even more quickly trying to keep up with a melting spiderman. (It was a losing battle.) And yes, it had eyes.  What ever happened to push pops?  I asked Clanc what kind of ice cream his spiderman was made out of.....his answer?  "Blueberry, red berry and white berry."   Interesting.

We roasted marshmallows in the backyard.  The guys built the little fire ring, collected sticks, helped Dad get the fire going. 

Wow, look at that nice fire.  Levi imparts "yeah, that's a bonafide Boy Scout campfire." 

Um....your bonafide Boy Scout fire just went out babe.  hehehe. 

Eventually we got the fire going nicely and the boys decided they liked their marshmallows lightly warmed.   

Me too.  Not much into charcoal. 

Have you seen these puppies in the store?  The bag was seriously heavy...the marshmallows are the size of apples.  Industrial-sized s'mores anyone?  :-)


  1. Great pics! However I am ready for February! Temps at 110 are not fun!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! Yeah for summer!

  3. Your boys are soooooo cute! Thoes freckles are to die for. Why does summer go so fast? How about this one, school starts next week for me!


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