Friday, December 17, 2010

Limping Toward the Finish Line

The words may dwindle as this post goes on. I am REALLY tired now. Do you notice my theme lately? I think I've mentioned in...oh....the last twenty seven posts how tired I am. ;-) This is where the week began. I got the beadboard finished on the west half of the countertop backsplash. Wood filler filled all the little nail holes....same on the existing window trim.

It took a lot of wood filler. Previous owners were unkind to the window trim.

You might remember from the other day....the new stainless beauty? Well forget about that for a minute and look at the east half of the backsplash. Tonight I finally couldn't take it any longer. I had to finish.

So of course rather than just finish that I started two other projects at the same time. ;-) This was one....the little corner on the west half where the chimney goes up was in rough shape. Due to logistics I couldn't wrap this in beadboard like I had wanted....just wouldn't work out with the cupboard door needing to open...I mean, I guess that's what cupboards are for, right? ANYWAY, I patched it all with spackling compound, attempted to wait patiently for it to dry and sand.

Primed and painted. Done and done.

Then I moved on to the beadboard/top trim....and promptly smashed my finger with the hammer. Yes, that is a screw in the picture, I wasn't hitting the screw with the hammer...I promise. It's late...but not that late.

Beadboard, finished.

Starting to look like a real kitchen, huh?

Primer and paint tomorrow. The end is nearing....praise goodness....then I'm going to take an entire month to lay in bed and watch movies and be waited on like the home improvement goddess I am. That's a heads up for you honey. ;-) he he he....just kidding....about the goddess part anyway. ;-)


  1. Oh Jen it's looking so pretty. This must be the fun part. You can finally enter the kitchen without your mind running through the 101 things that need to be done. LOL!

  2. You should be incredibly proud of yourself - this is an incredible job! Well done you!!

  3. I'm so impressed. I can't even seem to get my window trim painted in the kitchen. It's been that way almost a year now.

    You are amazing!

  4. It looks great! What kind of counter top is that? Looks so nice!!


  5. Oh my! It looks amazing! The backsplash is perfection and I really like the way you carried it up around the window at the sink. That looks great.

    Sorry I haven't been commenting lately. I'm making my way back through posts. Lots o' love sent to your awesome kitchen.

  6. You're so cool! I can't believe how much work you've done and how great it's looking!

  7. Wow! You are doing an absolutly beautiful job! Im sure the pictures don't do it justice. Wish I could see it in person. Happy Holidays!


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