Thursday, December 30, 2010

Taking a Break from Regularly Scheduled Programming......

Hello! I am, indeed, still in existence on the planet! You wouldn't know that from my complete disregard for anything blog related for the past 73 years but I'm back! The kitchen project is on hold. As soon as I can find a contractor who ACTUALLY DOES what they say they'll do....I'll have a ceiling. That's right folks, no ceiling yet. In fact I think I might start my own contracting business. Would you hire me? My motto will be "I'll do what I say I'll do".....the clients will flock to me. ;-)
Anyhoo....enough of my crazy lady kitchen rant. We've had lots of downtime over the holidays...and the kiddos are still downtiming it at Mema and Papa''s back to work for the hubster and I. Work on what you might ask since the kitchen is in a perpetual state of limbo? THE BASEMENT. Or maybe I should say......WAS a disaster. Okay, honestly it's still disaster-esque...but that's just because the dumpster hasn't shown up yet to take away the mountain of trash we have collected.
Today a sneaky peak at my favorite transformation so far.......for years I have wanted a shelf to put ALL my paint on. Since my sign biz has taken a sharp upturn in the last year I NEED all this paint (did you hear that dear? i NEED it.) he he he. Anyway, this is where I wanted it....doesn't it look spiffy? I painted the wall behind and dear husband did the assembly.
(ignore the total mess in the back and foregrounds....we're workin' on it.)
MORE BASEMENT LATER!!!! My husband would like the world to see his new "pain cave"....don't ask...he's a weirdo triathlete...they enjoy pain in the form of endless treadmill running and indoor bicycle training. Weird.


  1. You sure do have your hands full. You might want to break and take a breather. Don't wont to get burned out. Happy new year!

  2. Looks great! I need to do this in the next house. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to have to dispose of a lot of paint that has been left in the garage in the cold weather.

    PS. I totally feel you on the contractor woes. That's why it can be so much easier to do it yourself. Our a/c and heating was supposed to be in in a week. It took almost 3 months and it's still not the way I'd like it. They tore out part of the ceiling for no apparant reason, put the vent in the very center of the bathroom (where the light fixture should go) and at an angle instead of parallel to the walls. Annoying.

  3. If you have been a bad blogger, I have been even a worse blogger. So no worries there:). That totally stinks about the contractors, but it looks like you are making the best of a bad situation and getting other things done. Yeah for organization!


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