Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deck the Halls

Bring on the holidays! We're ready...well sorta. The family tree is decorated...by little hands...it's a little bottom heavy ;-)....so sweet. I've only gotten out a couple of my decoration boxes...after the relief of not hosting a home tour this year the wind just went right out of my sails.....in a good way. I just feel like enjoying the holidays without stressing about my house looking perfect. I'll save that for next year! And I'm just plain tired.

We're counting down the days to Christmas on our paper chain advent calendar. To think, since July I obsessed over which advent calendar to make...there are so many cute ideas out there. This is my favorite...by far. Made by 1st grade hands.

When I was young (I feel kinda old these days) I always thought it was weird that my mom insisted on putting all the little paper ornaments we'd made over the years on the tree. They didn't seem very pretty to me...just random little projects we'd done. Now I understand. No matter how many fancy decorations I put up these are my favorite...because my little guys won't be little forever. sniffle.

Clancey and I outfitted the foyer tree this morning.....again it's a little bottom heavy on the ornaments, but that's okay...I like it that way. ;-)

He was particularly impressed with this ornament...it's one of my favorites too. He asked me to put it on the tree because he was afraid it would break. Sometimes he's the bull in the china store....sometimes he's not.

We decorated outside....a while ago. ;-) While it was warm. But we didn't finish.

We finished in the cold. Brr. Again, it's simple, natural, free. Everything is from our yard or something I already had stashed away. Scroll back up to the garland pic....can you guess what that vine is? Fifty bonus points.

More stuff from the yard....pine clippings, bittersweet, dried out hollyhock stalks...I know, I'm a big spender.

Oh, and Bob made a reappearance....he found the perfect home on top of Euphona.

Check out all the amazing holiday decorations at Kim's DIY party!!


  1. Your outdoor garland is gorgeous! I'm always so jealous of people with lots of evergreen trees in their backyard to help with decorating. We've got a couple cedars that we are trying to get growing, but other than that everything else looses its leaves.

  2. Great job on decorating the house. I love the front porch!!! You did an awesome job!!!!

  3. Everything looks so pretty. I love the garland on your porch. Looks like it was made to go there.


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