Saturday, May 7, 2011

McCormick's Irish Pub

I was recently contacted by a very sweet Coloradian (is that what people from Colorado are called?)...she was interested in a very special gift for Father's Day.  Lots of fun details to work with on this one....Irish submariner, currently building a pub in his basement!  Perfect combo for a neat sign. 

I started with this.  A little vision might help at this point. ;-)  I cleaned, cleaned, cleaned the wood. 

And painted, painted, painted. 

After the "aging" process. 

Do you recognize that little doodad?  Makes a really neat plaquard....
but it started life as a cabinet hardware escutcheon!

The little details are my favorite.  I hope this special dad enjoys his gift!! 


  1. That's really cool Jen! All the little details do make it. I love the metal plaque.

  2. Very Very Cool! I love it!!!!!

    They will be thrilled.

  3. this is one of my favorites! the detail is unreal. beautiful. beautiful. beautiful!!

    order that plane ticket for me yet. ;)

  4. wow!!! Patrick is going to love it. Jen, it seriously came out perfect! I hope that i can get him to smile for a picture next to it for you :)

  5. I love this one, Jen! (Although I do say that every time!) it looks amazing. I esp. love the plaquard. So cool!

  6. Love this! I may be one of my favorites. I love the details!

  7. WOW Jen This one is so amazing! I love all the little details and could look at it for hours lol. Its beautiful!

  8. Amazing and beautiful....I love the details that just scream JEN!!
    Talent talent talent


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