Thursday, May 12, 2011

Miss Effie's Sign....Delivered

Today I delivered a sign that I designed four times.  Yes.  Four. Times.  It had to be perfect.  My dear dear friend Cathy, aka Miss Effie, needed a sign for her absolutely enchanting Summer Kitchen...on her beautiful u-pick flower farm.  This is a place that once you've arrived you really don't want to leave.  On our way home today my three old announced out of the blue, in the sweetest little calm voice, "I really like going to Miss Effie's".  It is a very special place...a place that connects you to the earth and all that children sense that....and I'm so happy I do too.   Perhaps now you understand why the sign had to be perfect.

As we all know, details are my FAVORITE.  Sometimes I get consumed by details...signs don't happen quickly around here....they marinate in my brain for a while.  I adore the details on this sign.  Do you know how many ampersands there are on the planet?  I think I've looked at every one. ;-)

Shadowing is my second favorite thing.  Any font can be least in my book. ;-) 

As a side note, this is my boss.  Looks tough doesn't he?  That's okay...when he's a stinker I just pull his mouth off. ;-)

If I could arrange for all my friends to have a giant lilac bush right outside their studio/kitchen window I would.  It is a heavenly scent to be draped in while painting. 
That's enough randomness....back to the real show. ;-)

Cath kinda liked her sign.  I was tickled every shade of pink by her reaction.  Hugging was involved.

The sign made its way to its new home...there are rumors that Cath's super duper handy husband, Cliff, aka "Honey" might possibly maybe install the sign tonight. ;-)  Can't wait to see it.

And just in case you think I'm some sort of martyr for slaving away painting these dreadful signs (hehehe)....that would be wrong.   I do if for pretty eggs from pretty chickens, the best hot cocoa in the WHOLE WORLD, salted nutrolls from Crosswinds Farm (five minutes after getting home is long enough to wait before chowing them all down, right?), and my NEWEST Miss Eff's addiction.....Date Pecan Granola.  Would it be bad if I ate the whole bag while writing this blog?  I didn't think so either.

Love you Miss Effie.


  1. I think so!!!!

    Thank you.... <3

  2. Isn't it, Katie???? I LOVE it.

    And Miss Jenn, I was talking to a friend last night and they have been perusing your etsy site. I think another farm sign will be on your mind!

  3. The effort and love shows! Gorgeous sign!


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