Sunday, May 22, 2011

Our Weekend

WOOHOO!!! Summer is BAAAACK!!!  We are enjoying every minute of being outside....a long hard winter will do that to ya.  Friday Mema and Papa came to visit....and Papa brought his latest super fun invention along.  A run through sprinkler! 

Big brother was at school, so little brother got to take the inaugural runs.  Oh boy did he have fun.   

That grin says it all.  

Saturday was the BIG RACE!  Marshall (7) and Daddy (unwilling to admit age)  have been planning to run this 5k for months.   Marshall is not your average 7 year old....he ran his first 5k at 6 years old...and has the mental toughness of an adult athlete....he must get that from Ironman Daddy. 

Start those watches! 

Run Marsh run! 

The finish line!!   So proud of my little guy (and the big guy too). 

Marsh was pooped so Papa had to help him get his number off.  Grandparents to the rescue! 

One of my projects this weekend was to clean up our front walk.  (Along with planting tomatoes, cucumbers, herbs, turning over the soil in a raised bed, weeding, mowing.....I'm such a whiner. ;-) 

Anywho, this is the before.  Weedy, messy....

And after!  I pulled the weeds out of the sidewalk cracks (amazing the difference THAT makes), weeded the beds and mulched.



I picked up these little guys at Home Depot.  Yay!  I've never had solar lights and EVERY SINGLE PERSON ON MY BLOCK has them.....ok not everyone, but close.  I didn't want them lined up like an airport runway, so I poked them in the porch flower beds.  Pretty snazzy....and the copper adds a  little somethin' somethin' to the beds. 

It's beginning to look a lot like sum-mer, eevvverywhere I goooooo. (in my yard)

Up next, we need to get the porch furniture down from the garage attic but there has been a delay....a robin baby delay.  Robins decided to build a nest in front of the attic quick do babies learn to fly?  I sorta want my porch furniture.

OH!  AND THE MOST EXCITING NEWS!!!!!   We are getting a kitchen ceiling tomorrow. Can you believe it?  Me either.    Stay tuned.


  1. love this! what a great weekend. and best of luck on your ceiling! hope it went well.

  2. Oh my gosh, I'm totally loving the picture of them looking at their watches. Seriously SO cute! How fun for them both!

    And your front yard looks amazing. Love the copper lights, too.

  3. PS - What are the spreading-type flowers on the right side of the house, white-ish flowers? I need something to cover lots-o-ground.

  4. Okay, I'm totally dying to know how he built that sprinkler arch! I seriously want to make one. My kids would absolutely love it!!!


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