Tuesday, May 3, 2011

365 Days on a Farm

So....what have you all been up to?  I've been painting.  And painting.  And painting.  And then waiting til the VEEERRRRYYY last thing to paint the alpaca.  Alpacas and I are now like *this*.  I've studied photos of them, looked at all the flavors they come in, tried to figure out the difference between an alpaca and a llama.  My sweet friend Tammy has opened THE.MOST.AMAZING. yarn store in all the land......365 Days on a Farm....and she wanted me to paint her sign.  SUPER!!  And I think I have now conquered my fear of farm animals.  I've never been much of a scaredy cat when it came to REAL farm animals (I am an Iowa girl afterall) but the painted variety gave me the heeby geebies.  Not anymore.  Bring em on....duck? Anyone need a duck?  Haven't tried that one yet.

This is Tammy's final result!   DOUBLE SIDED, 4 foot by 5 foot sign...
it's bigger than Tammy and I put together.

 I'm a little partial to the sheep actually. 

 I painted and painted and painted....so I could deliver.....

 ....to this sweet gal, who answered all of my little one's questions.

This has to be one of the coolest aspects of Tammy's store.  You can take a look at the ACTUAL llama or alpaca that provided fleece for your yarn!!  How awesome is that? 

Gorgeous yarn.  All American grown....from American sheep, llamas and alpacas....
spun by small American companies.

 And Tammy will let you touch the yarn...no raised eyebrows.

 I am coveting that pink and white one on the left....if only I knew how to knit.  (By the way, Tammy will teach you to knit or crochet for free...she's just cool like that. )  It's decided...I'm now going to lobby Congress to extend the day to 48 hours....perhaps then I can pursue every hobby that strikes my fancy.  Who's with me?!

 I felt ALL the yarn.  ;-)

Tammy even has roving.  You can spin YOUR OWN yarn!

She taught Clancey how to card the fleece.

He was off to the races.

Then we tried out the fun carding machine. 

Tammy was sweet enough to send a little fluff home with Clancey....he loves the way it feels and has been carrying it around since....he told me we would have to go back to "Miss Tammy's" soon....I think so too. :-)
I'll be sure to share photos when the sign is installed on the store.

You can visit Tammy at 365 Days on a Farm too!!!
116 W. Davenport St.
Eldridge, Ia

Visit Tammy on Facebook or on her blog too!!


  1. What a great sign and a fun shop! Good to know there are resources like that here in Iowa.

  2. Jen - that sign is amazing! I really enjoyed crocheting when I learned, but I just haven't made time to practice and learn more. Oh well, maybe someday.


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