Monday, June 27, 2011

Wowwy Wowsers Weekend


There are weekends that are so productive that it blows your mind.   This past one was just that.  It all started when my mom and dad showed up to stay with our littles while my husband and I ran off to the big city.  Yep, it was a productive weekend and I didn't even have to be here!!  Clancey anxiously awaited the arrival of Mema and Papa...... 

...helped Papa bring in all the tools. 

And my dad got right to work. 

Remember this lonely corner in the kitchen?   

Remember how it looked a few months ago?   

Then I found a couple sad cabinets at the ReStore. 

This one was so sad they sold it for $5.  That's pretty sad. 

With the magic of paint, trim and new hardware.....we have this! 

And then Dad produced THIS!!!!!    Shelves all the way to the ceiling.   

How awesome is that?  Yep, shall I mention again how much my dad ROCKS?! 

Look at that beautiful detail!!!  Love the curvy shelf feet.  The wood wasn't quite "cured" I will have a nice little painting project waiting for me when the kiddos go back to school in the fall. :-)  I will paint it with the same enamel paint that is on the cabinets down below.

THEN, Dad whipped this curtain rod up....that's been sitting around for a jillion years.  Leveling....Dad is GREAT at leveling.  I, on the otherhand have a deficiency in this I leave the leveling to him.  Ignore the unplanted tomato plants on the lovely folding table, the Cozy Coupe, the roller coaster and my $1 chair that needs a slipcover....admire the lovely curtain rod and curtain panels....and my sweet baby boy. ;-)  Focus.  Focus on the window. hehehe

THEN, as if all that wasn't enough.....Dad installed our bedroom ceiling fan!  We've had bare wires hanging in that spot for oh.....about.....two years.  Ever since our other fan started making an annoying noise and went away.  My husband is very thankful, as his body temperature reaches approximately that of the space shuttle launch, while he sleeps. 

THANK YOU DAD!!!!!!!  And MOM for taking care of EVERYTHING else while Dad worked!!!


  1. WOW! I think your dad is really superman! I love the shelves he built - so perfect for the space!

  2. Your new kitchen now looks so bright and cozy! Love the idea of re-using the old wooden cabinets and then refinishing them to look like new. Liked the shelves and the hanging rack by the stove. And your dad's real great for getting some of the fixtures around the house installed!

  3. Dad's are AWESOME. My Dad is the same kind of crafty guy. LOVE the shelf in your kitchen! :)

  4. Thank God for dads, right?? Those shelves are going to be so great! I should probably hang curtains up someday. Right now we have either nothing or nasty $5 white blinds that have been there for 20 years. Whoops.

  5. I adore LOVE LOVE LOVE the hutch in the kitchen. Holy moley. Your dad is awesome. It looks so darn good. Really digging the curtains, too. And, you know I'm a fan of the fan.

    Go dad!

  6. Wow how awesome is that? You got a weekend off and so much stuff still happened. I agree....your dad is a superman!

  7. I think next year Our Iowa needs to have a rent-a-dad program...and I want to rent your dad! Seriously, the guy has super skillz! Everything looks awesome!


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