Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Darn Sky Electricity

And so begins the summer storm season in Iowa. For years I have been a FANATIC about unplugging EVERYTHING in my house everytime I hear the slightest rumble of thunder in the distance. For good reason. Last Friday I was baking muffins at Mill Creek Cafe, while my folks were visiting with my little guy at home. A crazy storm moved through.........

........AND LIGHTNING HIT OUR TREE!!! (That is approximately 10 feet from the house!!!) My poor mom nearly jumped out of her skin and my dad witnessed a giant chunk of our tree hurl itself from the south yard, over the house, and land in the north yard. YIKES!!! Pieces of our poor tree were scattered all over our neighborhood.

This is the branch that took the hit....and nearly landed on our neighbor's shed. Our very sweet neighbor to the east promptly came over armed with his chainsaw and made quick work of our disaster. Several electronic appliances didn't fare as well inside the house.....but it could have been worse. My fanaticism is seriously renewed.....


  1. A couple of days ago, a guy from Fort Wayne (IN, where I am) was killed from a lightning strike. I had never heard of that outside of the movies!

  2. Oh no! What happened to your appliances? Are they ruined?

    Poor tree =( But very good news it didn't damage any property or hurt anybody.

  3. You remember the rain and storms here in Iowa before the flooding in June 2008? My sister was here visiting from Indiana and happended to be sitting out on the porch when lightening hit the sycamore in our back yard. She jumped so high that she spilled her coffee all over! The lightening bounced around several trees, even traveling down one of the oaks into the ground - there were holes two feet deep where the dirt flew out. We had surge protectors on most of our appliances, which is a good thing because the microwave would have been toast. After that, everything went on surge protectors!

    Glad no one was hurt!


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