Thursday, May 6, 2010

Roof Party

Do you live in a one story ranch? You're lucky.
Cleaning our gutters involves VERY long extension ladders, a dose of courage and a GOOD ladder holder. I've never been afraid to climb ladders.....but my husband gets nervous enough for both of us. God forbid I ever fall and break a leg...he'd never let me on one again. ;-)
So....I usually clean gutters while he's at work. ;-) He he he.
And my dad is my terrific ladder holder. This is the need someone holding the ladder that has a vested interest in your continued health and well being.
I should have taken a photo of the high's pretty high.
But now our gutters work oh so well!

Here I am on the kitchen roof...the easy part. I'm too sexy for my gutter scooper, too sexy for my gutter scooper.....why did I pose like this? I'm such a dork....or maybe I was trying not to fall off the roof. Well it's one of those two. ;-)

And the view from on top of our porch roof....another easy part....I'd rather be sitting UNDER the porch roof.

Good job done!


  1. nice... now you can come clean mine.

  2. Wow I am impressed! We are both afraid of heights so we have to decide whether to buck it up and pay someone or keep putting it off. I bet you can guess which one is winning right now:).

  3. You get major kudos from me. When they put the roof on our house, I went up to the top. For about 4 minutes. At which point, I was a terrible shade of green, felt like I was going to faint, and had to get down. My husband and dad were seriously laughing. It was not fun and I'll never do it again if I can help it.


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