Monday, May 17, 2010

Kitchen Dreaming

Ever since the day I first poked that tiny hole in the ceiling....for investigative thoughts have turned to kitchens....nothing but kitchens. Kitchen remodel and thrifty don't usually reside in the same sentence....but they do now. I'm keeping my cabinets...because we've established before THEY CAN LOOK GREAT with fresh paint and new hardware. I'm keeping my them. No plumbing is changing location. And as I mentioned I've got some great guys on my team. :-) I had previously purchased a new garbage disposal and GORGEOUS Kohler faucet (steeply discounted...thanks Dad!!) SO......we're not talking loads of $$$ here folks. BUT the difference will be amazing...I just know it.

Southern Living
Now on to the inspiration. I've flipped and flopped about cabinet color. LOVE the black and white in the first pic....but it might be a little dark for my kitchen. LOVE the white and robins egg blue in this one....that's what I'm thinking now. And that stove vent "mantel"....hello beautiful.

The walls. Well this is pretty much what they will be.....3/4 beadboard...with paint on top. Probably the robins egg blue....possibly a light neutral.

Urban Grace Interiors
My frig really needs a house....this one would be perfect.

Sorry for the crapola photo...I took a photo of a magazine page...I know, lazy. the vent mantel, again.

The ceiling...need I say more? My beadboard will all run in the same direction though....alternating would give me the heeby geebies I think.

This one had me at hello.
This photo is the reason I want three pendants (or three of something) and that GORGIE GORGEOUS panel they all hang from.....perfection.
I can thank Kim over at Newly Woodwards for this beauty.....ever since seeing this photo this has been my only option for an island. This is it. I'm ordering the legs and figuring out how to build this. I.NEED.THIS.TABLE. Period.

Cote Kitchen
Again, with the three these.

After collecting photos for years I noticed a pattern....lots of white. So clean and fresh in the kitchen....I just can't see putting anything else in at this point! will be a process....a bit at a time....but the goal is to be completely finished by the holidays.
Be brave!


  1. Cool inspiration photos. I'm torn as to what I like. I do like beadboard, but other than that I'm torn as to what color cabinets, flooring and counter tops I'd want. But first thing is first; I think we have to do the bath before anything else. It really needs it!

    Good luck deciding!

  2. I hung three pendant lights in my kitchen at my old house - I loved them! And I love beadboard - can't wait to see your all done photos!!

  3. Our taste is very similar. We tore out our dropped ceiling a couple falls ago and put up a beadboard ceiling. And our dining room is the exact shade of blue, I could put money on it if I were a gambler!

  4. I love the ceiling shot. It's going to be GORGEOUS. And, I showed it to my hubby, so now he's worried that I'll be wanting to do it in our house. ;)

  5. So many idea's - - your head must be spinning!

    I really like the white and robin's egg blue idea. It looks so fresh and cheerful.

    Good luck and happy remodeling.

  6. Beautiful pictures, I love every single one!


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