Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let's Just Jump In

LAST TRAIN TO CRAZY TOWN....ALLLLLL ABOOOOARD! Toot toot. Okay, so you knoooow how I saaaaid the project might happen in a while. You knooooow, the kitchen project? Welllllllll. You were all so motivating. And I have a history of "wildhairedness disease". My husband still loves me...isn't he great.

Yesterday I was thinking about my $50 entryway you remember? The room that is adjacent to that entry is this little hallway. Should be an easy remodel too, right? Maybe I'll start there and work toward the kitchen (the next adjacent space).

This is the view from the backdoor. See that dropped ceiling in that tiny hallway?

This is it close up.

Does your kitchen have three exits? Ours does....we're all about safety folks. ;-) The door on the left goes to the backdoor, the door in the middle goes up the back stairs and the door on the right goes to the dining room. Now you have the layout.

Well......yesterday I thought I'd peak at what was up above the hallway drop ceiling. I started with this little hole.

Then....I made the hole a little bigger and used my highly superior investigative tool (my camera)....and pushed it through the hole to take a photo....THIS IS WHAT I FOUND!!! Can't tell what that is? A perfect plastered ceiling above the drop. WOOHOO!!!

Sometimes investigations happen before you can even get your shoes on. He he he.

This is the view above the drop pointing toward the backdoor!!! BEADBOARD!!!!

The hole got a lot bigger.....and then the whole drop ceiling disappeared. How did that happen? It wasn't my fault. ;-)

Then the framing disappeard too. Poof.

The next AWESOME discovery was that the frosting finish on the walls was OVER THE TOP OF 73 LAYERS OF WALLPAPER. That might sound like bad news to the rest of the sane world, but that means it peels right's not plastered on my pristine plaster walls.

When I say 73 layers I'm not kidding folks.....I seriously just gained us a half an inch of livable space in our home. Did you know wallpapering was usually part of the spring cleaning plan of gals in the era my home was built? They put up a new layer over the old every year.

I found this cute puppy.

And this cool farm scene.

THEN the ugly paneling had to go. It was impeding progress.

Isn't that better? It's very tough area to photograph....if you really want to take in it's grandness just stop by. The tiny hallway is no longer claustrophobic.

Soooooo......that got me to thinking. What is above the kitchen's drop ceiling? The hallway was easy peasy. I'll just take a little look.

Umm......somehow the hole got a little bigger than small.

LOOK AT THAT CEILING!!!! Down comes the rest this week. Updates to follow...if I don't drown in blown in insulation (dirty filthy blown in insulation) But it's worth kitchen is going to be beautiful!!!!

The big dumpster is on it's way.


  1. I wish that is what had been above my dropdown ceiling! That is awesome - I'm so excited for you! You're right - it's going to be amazing!

  2. Good for you! I mentioned to Larry about remodeling our kitchen. His repsonse was "is there something wrong with it?". And he was serious! Ack, he has outdated taste! Looking forward to seeing more progress on your re-do!


  3. You crack my up!

    As I read your post, I couldn't help but continue to wonder what your hubby's reaction was when he saw your mess, ahh I mean, discoveries?

    Looks like you might have a little bit of work ahead of you - good luck, I just know your going to make it look fabulous.

    p.s. who in there right mind would but a drop celining over beadboard. Seriously, what were they thinking. So very glad you discovered it.

  4. What an amazing discovery! And love how it started with just a little hole:).

  5. Cracking me up. "Oh... let's go ahead and take down the ceiling today."

    I think we were destined to be friends.

    Lovin' it! (And I had a feeling it wouldn't be long until you began.)

  6. WOW! You inspire me! I too want to know your hubbie's reaction to your discoveries! My husband would say, " WHAT THE **** do you think you are doing? " My reply would have been.." I did it so you didn't have to! Wink wink..." Still don't think that would have smoothed it over! But I sooo admire you for doing it! Good job! Can't wait to see more progress photos~


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