Friday, August 27, 2010

Clancey, the Dentist

My little guy had his first trip to the dentist a few weeks ago....forgot to post this. Bad mommy. Our hygienist only had a toothbrush out when we sat down...she said normally the two year olds don't let her do anything other than wave a brush around in front of them.
Enter, the Clancster.
By the end of it he had his teeth polished, flossed, fluroide treated, the works. He was such a champ. Then at the end he said "that's enough".
And he was done.
Then promptly came home and gave T-Rex an exam and cleaning....with a pencil specialized t-rex dental equipment.

Future dentist?


  1. Ooo... maybe! That'd be cool. Better start saving for dental school ;)

  2. What a good boy! He sat so still for her. Not many kids will do that!


  3. Very cute! I wouldn't doubt that he'll become something like a dentist. He's a smart boy!

  4. Dental specialists suggest that you complete a teeth cleaning professionally twice every year. An occasional cleaning includes the evacuation of dental plaque and tartar with a specific end goal to avoid cavities, gingivitis and gum ailment. Anaheim Dental Work


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