Thursday, August 12, 2010

Plant Eaters

Goodbye old friends. The new gals have come to town....thanks to CSN Stores! The thought of cooking one more thing in a pan that had scratched "nonstick" coating made me the new stuff got here in the nick of time!!
There are sauce pans and stock pots and lids....oh the lids galore.....and skillets...oh my.

This morning I tested out the tiny skillet....or whatever a tiny skillet's name really is? The garden overfloweth....and I'm a veggie-in-my-eggs kinda girl. Ever since gestational diabetes scared the livin' sugar right out of me I try to be very proteiny at breakfast....and attempt to avoid sugar the rest of the time as well....if I have the willpower that is. ;-) Anyhoo.....a few eggs from Miss Effie....some cherry tomatoes, a Sonoran chile and some zucchini slices and we're ready to roll!

I sauteed the veggies in a little olive oil, threw in the eggs and a tiny bit of sliced ham (I'm a meatavore....once in a while).
Funny side story....yesterday my oldest (6) told my youngest (2) that if he had lived in dinosaur times they (the dinosaurs) would have liked to lick him (the two year old).....after seeing the look of horror on his brother's face (we'd just read a book about t-rex's) he assured him that ONLY the plant eaters would have licked him.....therefore they wouldn't have decided to take a munch on him.

Oh, and the tiny skillet worked great. They're so shiny they make me smile. :-) Maybe a pot rack is in the future of my kitchen too.....Dad are you taking notes?


  1. Good ol' dad, I bet he has paper and pen at his side whenever he reads your blog!

    The little pan and what you cooked in it look great!


  2. Hey Jen! Thanks for stopping by. I think the tile is easy to work with. You can use spacers, but I chose not to. Less grout to keep clean.I will get it done eventually. It seems like budgets and time are the issues :) And maybe some motivation, once in awhile!


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