Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Ode to American Muscle....and Visitors

We had lots of unexpected visitors this weekend....and IT.WAS.AWESOME.
Maddie visited.
Emmit visited.

My beautiful sister in law and handsome brother visited. They promise to stay longer next time. I'm holding them to that. ;-)
Uncle Mark, Aunt Ruth and sweet little cousin Amber visited....and brought back my husband's baby. (And we were just so excited to see them I totally forgot to take a photo) The 1968 RS/SS Chevy Camaro came home to roost.....after spending the summer with Uncle Mark getting all fixed up and running great. In all the years since Levi's dad gave him this car it's always been....well....finicky. If you know anything about old cars the terms flutter foot and heel/toe may sound familiar? Levi and I both grew up with "car guys" for dads....we were both plopped into the driver's seat of automobiles that required such skills to operate. I can remember sitting behind the steering wheel of my dad's beloved 1971 Dodge Charger doing the "flutter foot" to keep it running, when I could barely see over the dashboard. Who needed fuel injection? Puh sha. Not us. My first car was a 1963 Plymouth Valiant with a push button automatic transmission. (Just for a little perspective...I was born at the very tailend of this baby had been on the road for 12 years before I was a gleem in my mother's eye.) The day we drove it home from it's original owner we were assured NO ONE had EVER sat in the backseat....which I believe to this day....the plastic cover was still on the seat. Oh I loved that car.
But I digress....Levi's pop handed him down THIS car....and he loves it....even more now that it runs so great. Thanks Uncle Mark.
This is one happy man today.
And I remembered why ladies always wore head scarfs back in the day. ;-)
Oh.....and I got to SQUEAL OUT for the very first time EVAH in the Camaro today. Levi would never let me near the driver's seat the way the car ran before....just too scary. (It wouldn't idle...has no power steering or power brakes...and the heel/toe was required for gotta work to drive this car. ;-)
I would seriously like to thank my husband for teaching me to drive a manual ALL those years today I could lay rubber.
I promise to walk everywhere I go this week to make up for all the gasoline I used up today. ;-)


  1. I had to laugh at the head scarf remark ... it reminds me of the scene in the movie Bridget Jones' Diary where she's ridden in the convertible and her hair is a huge rat's nest. :)

  2. Love it!!!! I too grew up with a "car guy" and married one!

    Great cars.... I had a friend with a push-button transmission. Very cool.

    Burning rubber.... that was sooooo worth walking for a week!!!!! :)

  3. Cool car! My brother still has his red Mustang from the early 70's that my parents sold to him for $1. He was soooo spoiled! ;-)


  4. My first boyfriend was a car guy and he taught me to drive a manual in a 94 Mustang!! They were ugly in the 90's but they still drove sweet. I WILL own a sports car before I am too old to enjoy it.


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