Sunday, August 15, 2010


Do you ever have those days when you Just.Need.A.Break? As my oldest would say "a little alone time." Maybe it's hormonal? Instinctual? Product of being a full time Mommy? just need a darn breather. Yesterday AM the hubster headed out on a 100 mile bike ride (yes it was on purpose, he didn't get lost.) Our doc has suggested a head examination....I would have to agree. All people who sign up for an Ironman Triathlon should have their heads thoroughly probed. On purpose, without threat of imminent demise, they say hey, yeah, I'd REALLY like to jump in a freezing cold lake, swim 2.4 miles with 2000 other crazy people who are kicking me in the face in an effort to outswim me, drag their worn out bodies out of the water with brains that feel like jello for the first 40 minutes, only to get on a bike (with a really hard seat and jello brain) and ride 112 miles, then get off that bike, pretend like everything is still hunky dory and run a marathon....26.2 miles, on their own sheer insane determination. It takes a special breed. Wacko breed....and I couldn't be prouder.
Anyway, we still cheer Daddy on....which we did yesterday AM....and handed him Power Bars.

After said insane working out yesterday.....the crazy man I married got up this AM and ran 12.5 miles. By the time all that was over we were all ready to get out of the house.....well the boys were anyway. And my husband suggested I just take it easy....which after weeks of doing "boy duty" all week and all weekend....I didn't need a lot of persuasion. So I allowed myself to not think of all the pressing issues that cause my anxiety to go through the roof at times. I thought, this is a day for me...all me....I'm going to be selfish and not think of washing anyone's underwear or working on the endless list of house projects....or anything else for that matter. AND I'm going to eat whatever I darn well please....and not think about whether it's healthy, chemically treated, bad for the Amazon jungle, or high carb.

So, in that vein of thinking....I started a project. Now I know you're weren't supposed to be working on anything. But repainting a Goodwill lamp has no global doesn't need to be done, I was curious how this brassy gal would look in white....and it's my day darnit.
And I ate a cupcake while I did it.

She looks good, huh?

Well we have the primer out let's attack another lamp. Isn't this a beauty? ;-)

Ooohhh.....I love her. This one will be headed to the boys' room when it's redecorated.
And while I waited for this to dry.....I ate another cupcake....

.....and made this pretty for the front door.....with hydrangeas from the yard.

AND THEN......I ate ALL OF THIS for lunch. And I don't even feel bad about it. I mean really it was health food....cherry tomatoes from the garden, frig pickles from my own cukes, and Pioneer Woman Wrapped Jalapenos, again from my own jalapenos. (and the bacon was turkey, and I used neufchatel) he he food.

And while I ate ALL my health food I watched this.....I even watched ALL the trailers.

My boys came home, with these in hand, and ta-da, Mommy was a new Mommy.


  1. What a fun day.....I especially love the cupcake part:). Good for you for taking a day for yourself!

  2. I seriously laughed out loud when you said, "I THREW CAUTION TO THE WIND." I'm going to begin using that phrase all the time. Love it.

    And, I love the lamps. They look really good. And, don't get me STARTED on the wreath. Are those dried from your yard? I'm DYING over here.

  3. Let them eat cupcakes! I love your wreaths, your lamps are that a BHG lampshade from Walmart?? I just got a few for our living room. So glad you got some me time...and look how productive you were!


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