Friday, August 13, 2010

Funny Story

My folks love hearing funny stories about the here is the one for today. :-)
Today my little guy went down for a nap...and was sleeping very peacefully until a crazy thunderstorm blew through. He's terrified of thunder....and of course there was LOTS of thunder. He came down the stairs like a herd of thundering cattle. Or cattle singular...cow maybe?
He ran to me and said "where's Daddy?"
Me: Well he's still at work babe.
Clancey: "NO, he needs to come home RIGHT NOW and protect me from the thunder."
Long pause......
Clancey: "Or we could just have drinks and forget about it."

(Don't worry people....he's not hitting the sauce.
Drinks=skim milk for he and brother, Diet 7-Up for me)


  1. We've had WAY too much thunder lately! Super-cute that you could distract your little man with drinks.

  2. the funniest part Ellie is HE is the one that came up with drinks idea!


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