Thursday, August 5, 2010

Yard Sale/Farmer's Market...That's How I Roll

Today was the big day. The first day of my first yard sale. Guess what! I've made enough to pay for TWO kitchen pendant lights!!! (Plus a little extra!) I may fund this kitchen remodel on my own after all!!! And the daycare/learning center picked up their sign tonight.....bonus! I'll give you a sneaky peaky of that tomorrow.
But, I had to share my mini farmer's market stand!! This morning, bright and early I galloped out to the garden and do a little experiment. I wondered if ANYONE would buy a fresh vegetable at a yard sale. SOOOO......the top pic is how my "mini stand" looked to begin with (minus a early bird got that one before I could take the photo!).
And this is the after!!!! Miss Effie will be so proud of me. ;-) And let's get something's not like I'm stalking her or anything...I mean, I only mention her in EVERY blog post I do now....I think she's just about the neatest thing since homemade cheese.

Now off to bed to rest for DAY TWO of the yard sale extravaganza. Come on by the house and buy some good'll be funding a great cause. ;-)


  1. I could not love those pendant lights more! So exciting that you had a successful Day 1. Sometimes it is a crap shoot. My parents are having a sale tomorrow and I'm helping them out with it - it sounds like Sat. should be rain free, thank goodness!


  2. Great idea to put the veggies out for sale. We sold eggs at our yard sale last week. Glad you are selling stuff and making money-- isn't it a good feeling?

  3. I would TOTALLY buy veggies at a yard sale! I'd much rather buy them from my neighbors than from the store, or even the farmer's market (since I don't *know* those people!) Sounds like you had great success :)

  4. I can NOT believe you were ready for a garage sale this fast! I'm having mine mid-Sept.

    I would have bought all your cherry tomatoes!

  5. How brilliant! Sounds like it was a success and I would have so bought some vegetables!


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