Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hello Etsy! Welcome to my world.

Hello, my name is Jen and I'm a signpainter. ;-)  Somehow this little hobby I started some years ago has blossomed....and I think now is the time to start my very own little Etsy shop.  SOO....for all of you who have emailed to ask if you could purchase one of the signs that found their way to Miss Effie's Summer Kitchen.....guess what?!  You'll soon be able to find one in my little Etsy shop!  But if you're local....please go to Miss Effie''s WAY more fun than ordering online....and most of those signs are exclusive only to her shop. :-)  Most of the signs I have painted have been custom orders....and I love to do those....please keep those orders coming!  I'll let you all know when I roll out the red carpet on my shop.  As you might guess I'm a little crazy about fonts and logo it may be 2022 before I can decide on one for my little corner of the world!


  1. This is such exciting news. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. How exciting!!! I can't wait to see them all. And I swear, I'm gonna get out to see Mis Effie's this summer. SWEARS!

  3. Holy smokes, you are so talented! I am absolutely amazed at your signs and skills! Love them! Can't wait for your shop to open and wish you the best of luck!:)

  4. All the best looking forward to the Grand Opening!!

  5. woot! woot! so exciting!!!!!

    congrats my dear. that's awesome! as you can tell i'm a little behind in my google reader.

    best of luck to you! and a couple words of advice. it's a pain in the butt to ship signs. especially when then are long.. or oddly shaped. and it's super expensive. i shipped a sign to california and it was $70!!! ouch. i had no idea.
    so do your research with shipping prices and have lots of cardboard/boxes on hand.

    i don't think i'll be selling signs again on etsy. wasn't worth the time and frustration it took. :(

  6. I cannot believe you do this all freehand! You are amazingly talented! I would sell signs at the Farmer's markets If I were you! I think you would do really good!


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