Wednesday, February 9, 2011

From the Beginning....

circa 2003

In the beginning....many moons ago....we moved into a very white house.  EVERY room (except for one baby blue one upstairs) was painted HIGH GLOSS WHITE or was textured with a disastorously pointy finish.  We had a teeny babe...who we knew would someday walk and may fall into the wall, and be severly injured by the very strange plaster finish. 
Seriously, we were scared to walk near the wall for fear of tetanus or severly snagged sweaters.

We scraped and sanded all the pointy walls....and was that a job.  Yes it was. 

THEN came the fun part....PAINT.  COLOR.  VARIETY. We'd lived in apartments through college and they were all some shade of white or blah.  Years in that environment make a girl crave color.  LOTS of color.

This much color.  I loved it.  I still love it.  But it's time for a change. I think.  I don't know.  What do you think?  NO NO, it's time for a change.  A beautiful, restful, calm, change.

OOhh...might that be the change there on the wall?  It might.
Look how pretty it looks with the family rules signs back there.....
and yes, I know that window needs something...I'm workin' on it.

 Oh and it looks pretty with the bookcases back there....

Curse you Martha and all your pretty colors....

To give a little perspective....the night I painted our dining room red my first little guy, Marshall, learned to walk.  It was quite a night.....walking baby and red dining room.  Good thing we scraped those walls, huh?

See, he still has all his beautiful skin intact. ;-)  Seven years later.

And in case you're wondering, no, the kitchen is not done.  This is how I a scattery scatterbrain. I mean, really, ten projects is WAY better than one. ;-)


  1. I always have more than one project going at a time. I can never stick to just one. Have a great day and I can't wait to see the calming change!

  2. OOh, ooh! This is exciting.

    I knew I wanted a neutral tan, and someone told me to look for one with a green undertone to decrease the ORANGE in our wood trim. It worked. Blue will make the orange more noticeable.

  3. Glad to see someone else with multiple projects. I'm always working on something.

  4. Can't wait to see all your projects completed. Love the dining room!

  5. I'm liking the color you picked out. What a difference it will make in your room. Oh, and if you can fit in a trip to my house I'll share some of my projects with you if your feeling like your don't have enough going on. LOL

  6. ooo... It's going to be so purty. Can't wait to see what you choose. I just picked up a sample to repaint hte front bedroom at the new house an aqua color instead of the gray. Why I'm painting a room that's already been painted when I have 5 more rooms to paint is the real question. ;)

    Love your bookcases. I love them everytime I see them. I also love the picture of you with the doo-rag. =)


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