Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Last Frontier

The floor and I have become one today.  To refresh your memories...on my neverending kitchen project...the floor and ceiling are my last two hurdles.  Do you remember WAY back in November when I went crazy and posted this?  Apparently the contractor I called wasn't feeling that my ceiling was as imminent as I was....since he never showed up.  Boo.  After getting through the holidays, procrastinating, giving up hope that ANYONE would EVER put up my ceiling I just happened to run into the wife of our local drywaller (who I hadn't called yet)....she gave me his cell number, which I called the instant I got through the backdoor....he's coming out next week to take a look.  Thank.You.Goodness.  Please cross all your fingers and toes for me. 

SOO...the floor is my last hurdle.  This is the last part that I can do myself....and I'm determined to get it done promptly.  I'm tired of looking at patches of sticky tile covered by mastik, covered by sheet vinyl.  It's ugly and icky....and I just want it DONE.

 Do you know where every crevice of your floor is?  Pray that you never have to find out. ;-)  This is SLOW work.  I peel back the vinyl, pry up the tiles (in as large of pieces as it will come up...usually the size of a dime...I'm not kidding)  When that is done I rub off the remaining adhesive with mineral spirits.  I try not to think about how much is left!!  It's an inch by inch process.

But for a reference point....this is how much is left.  I have an extra scraper....any takers?  ;-)


  1. Yikes! I don't even you one bit! It will be so beautiful when you're done, though!

  2. Oh that sounds so slow and awful...but oh so worth it. Those wood floors look so good!

  3. The floors are in such good shape! Yay for a contractor to finish your ceiling. I totally forgot to send you the name of our guy. I'm sorry but it sounds like you figured it out.


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