Wednesday, February 2, 2011


 It's over.  THE BIG ONE is over.  Now we all have to dig out.  I've heard stories...oh boy have I heard stories.  One friend's husband was in a crash in his semi....another's husband got stranded on the highway...couldn't even see where the road was, then they decided to SHUT IT DOWN, so there he sat...MY husband is still trapped in Illinois...everything is shut down...and we got a TRUCK LOAD of snow....that is placed in some rather inconvenient drifts ALL OVER THE DRIVEWAY.  Now this may not seem like a huge deal...except that our driveway is VERY LONG and we own NO SNOWBLOWER. :-(  So, when I finally acknowledged that no knights in shining armor were coming to my rescue I hiked up my snowpants and headed out.  OOH...WE WANT TO GO TOO, said the children.  The little one made it as far as the door, then turned back.  That's him in the Snoopy hat. 

The older was a little more excited about the whole deal.  We traversed the first drift right outside the door, then another in front of the car....then tried to get down the driveway.  We didn't make it far.  It was VERY deep, "I was afraid I'd lose my kid" deep.  So we turned warm....tried again later.

 Take two.  After I shoveled the door drift the two munchkins braved the cold again.

Kids are good measuring tools....yes, that's how deep the flippin' door drift was. 
Miracle we even got outside to begin with.

Marshall hiked to the end of the driveway...don't worry I kept an eye on him....he didn't disappear.  I made the hike too...just to cuss marvel at the MOUNTAIN the plow made at the end of our driveway.  Who needs a clean alley when you have no prayer of actually getting out of your driveway?  It was six feet least.

Clancey shoveled like a trooper.

 The snow attacked Marshall.

Then we gave up.

We made it about halfway down the driveway.

Then Clancey declared it was time to go inside.


Time to go in NOW big brother.


  1. Holey moley. The snow you guys got...and that everywhere got (except here) is crazy! We're just having some super cold temps, but very little snow. I hope your husband gets home soon and you guys stay warm and cozy in the meantime.

  2. Oh wow! I don't envy you at all. I didn't step foot outside. Wish we were closer, I may have come over in the skid loader to dig you out myself!

  3. Oh you poor lady. They say shoveling is a good workout so I guessing you have about two days worth of sweating coming up. LOL

    Good Luck!

  4. You win. This is worse than both of our houses combined. But I'm totally over shoveling. I'm just happy Ryan is home. Although your two little helpers seem great, too. =)

  5. wow. that's a lot of snow.

    we didn't get quite that much but now everything is covered in 1/2in of ice ... which i'm not even attempting to remove.

    these pictures make me miss being a kid ... when snow was fun ... not a pain in the butt!

    glad you survived!


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