Sunday, February 27, 2011

Let's Have a Collective Sigh of Relief

 Hell-ooo-beautiful.   The color is perfecto.  Light, airy, calm, does not in any way resemble a piece of candy....aaahhhhh.  I'm breathing a sigh of relief after my cotton candy fiasco.  And let me just add a brief advertisement for Behr Paint with primer.  It's just short of a miracle...actually I think there may be a little magic in each can.  ONE COAT covered DARK RED with easy breezy Natural Wicker.  (thank you thank you to my wonderful reader who suggested this color!!! and to ALL of you who offered advice!!!!)
AH-MAY-ZING.  I will give the cotton candy some credit definitely showed me how light and airy the room could be.  The red was beautiful (and still was beautiful) but it was time for change.  Heck, the last paint job lasted 7 another 7 years I'll be thinking about getting ready for a graduation...and we all know that moms go a special kind of decorating-crazy when a graduation is approaching. ;-)

The hutch on the left there will be making a departure.  It's a cute little thing...but just doesn't fit the dining's scale is too small, honey oak color....would be a good candidate for a pretty paint job...but too small for my dining room....and let's face it, I have A.LOT. of dishes.  Is there a support group for girls who collect too much vintage glassware?  THIS old gal will soon be making an appearance.  Rustic, lots of it.  Just as soon as a couple strong guys visit to help me get it out of the basement, if you remember it nearly broke me in half trying to lift it last time. 

The dresser peaking out over there on the right will also be finding a new home in my boys' room after a fancy paint job as well.  You will fall over when you see what I found at the ReStore to replace it, as my side table.  Rustic, character,'s wonderful. (my husband is rolling his eyes).  You'll'll love it too. 

I'm thinking some kind of light window coverings.....white cotton, muslin....we'll see. 
Then there is the artwork.....oh I cannot wait to show you what's been rattling around in my involves a cow and a Grant Wood quote.  Now YOU think I'm crazy too, right? :-)


  1. I am loving' it!! And I can't wait to see your ReStore find!

    The color is fantastic..... I'm in color envy.

    Grant Wood ... cows... yea... its perfect already.

  2. Yay! It looks so good. perfect with the trim.

  3. Ahh, that was my sigh for you. Love the color, can't wait to see the finish product.

  4. oh wow. That is absolutely perfect! I love the color, and can't wait to see the new furniture pieces in there!

  5. Hi! I have read your blog a few times and I noticed that you are now selling your signs. How do I order a custom sign? Please email with your pricing and hopefully we can work something out (I have a kitchen in need of some personality)!!


  6. It's the perfect color Jen! I like it so much I picked up a sample today since I had to go to Home Depot anyway. I am seriously thinking of using it in my living room/dinning room/kitchen.

    Oh and work quick lady, you've tempted me with the word "cow" and now I've just got to know what's up your sleeve!


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