Tuesday, February 1, 2011


 Since now, apparently, Iowa has joined the Arctic Circle, we are waiting out yet another snowstorm.  But this is THE BIG ONE.  The meteorologists are nearly wetting themselves they're so excited....their excitement annoys me.  This is not exciting....the exact same way tornadoes are not exciting.  They're destructive, annoying, needless bits of weather.  So there.  At least act a little put out by this weather dear mr. meteorologist...your glee is showing through your gleeming white teeth. Okay, I'm done. 
Winter is making me super snarky.

Therefore, I declare it spring.  Just call me Groundhog Jen.  That's GROUNDhog Jen....not HOG Jen, just to clarify.  WHOA....I'd just like to say that last line apparently REALLY ticked off Mother Nature, because now, as I type, in the middle of this damn "historic" blizzard it is lightning AND thundering.  Um, seriously?  Come on.  Why don't you just throw a tornado in there....the meteorolgists will be curled in the fetal position on the set convulsing with excitement.

Okay, you win this round Mother Nature.  This is our backyard today...if you squint REALLY hard you can see the neighbor's house across the alley.  Yes, it was snowing/blowing that hard. Sheesh.
But before we know it this will be the glorious site in the backyard.  Yay summer. 
I'm patiently waiting for you.


  1. You will probably hate me but I miss snow! I know it is very dangerous and cause huge problems for people. I can empathize with all that. But its just living in South Carolina we don't get the snows we use to get in Ky.
    So please forgive me, I will pray that you have nice weather soon!

  2. Tuesdays are my favorite day of the week - kindermusik and prenatal water aerobics. And I haven't changed out of the jammies I wore last night because we are STUCK. I hate this.

  3. Girl, we have snow up here in MN like you wouldn't believe!! I'm so eager for summer too!! Snow, snow, go away ;-)

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

  4. Oh man, you mean business, GROUNDhog Jen. But looking at those summer pics is making me antsy! For real, I may just leave your blog open all day as I stare out the window at the layers of ice and snow.

    Off to invent gigantic hair dryer to get you out of your house...I'll be rich!

  5. I'm very thankful for a snow day. Staying home with my husband and pugs was a nice mid-week treat. Other than that, I'm also ready for summer.

    And, for real about the weather guys. The guy this morning seemed disappointed that the snow was passing.

  6. We were blasted with that same storm and the funny thing is that I done pictures of our snow and my yard in the spring. I think we are all awaiting spring time!


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