Monday, February 14, 2011

My Name is Jen and I Am a Pinterest Addict

Holy lordy.  Have you all joined Pinterest?  I insist that at this VERY instant you go and sign up.  When I discovered the world of blogs out in internetland I nearly fell over.  There was SO much inspiration and SO many talented, creative people....and there are only so many minutes of awake time I can muster after my kiddos are in much to read, so little time.   THEN, I was introduced to Pinterest (by my sweetiepie friend Kim).  It's like crack for bloggers....or for anyone for that matter.  Not that I would know about crack really, but it appears to be addictive....and so is Pinterest.  It's inspiration overload.  Bascially Pinterest is "a social catalog service. Think of it as a virtual pinboard — a place where you can post collections of things you love, and "follow" collections created by people with great taste." 
You will get lost...for hours...days....weeks...maybe all the pins.

 I've included a few favorites I've discovered here.....

DIY felt much more beautiful can felt get?

 Mint chip icebox dessert....yummo.

 potrack inspiration....I need this.

 Love this.

Genius.  If I had a table I could drill a hole in I would totally do this. 
May have to figure out another use for it anyway.

Interest peaked?  I told ya....crack.
Feel free to check out my pins....I dare ya.  Go here.


  1. Honestly, I signed up but never went on. Because really, I do NOT need another place to become addicted online. Blogs are killing me as it is, I just can't keep up! Meh! BUt I wanna eat that sandwich right now. I'm a sandwich monster.

  2. I looked at it, but didn't know you have to sign up..or in? Don't tempt me, I might get fired by my hubby and kids! :-0

  3. It's awesome, isn't it? Just a lot of beautiful things.

  4. LOVE it! You need an invite to join now though. :( I'm on the waiting list to sign up!


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