Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Italian Beef Ever

This recipe is for Shannon....who asked me if Italian Beef was a "Midwest thing".  I really have no clue...but I do know I tried one IB recipe that was not great...and then I got this one from a friend....this one will ROCK YOUR SOCKS MISS SHANNANIGAN.   My kids loved it, my husband loved's definitely on the list of things to pop in the freezer for our week away (to somewhere much warmer and much more palm tree-ey) when my folks will be here holding down the fort. 
 I'm going to be nice like that and fill the freezer with ready-to-go stuff. 

So now you're thinking "enough blabbering, give me the recipe already lady."  Right? 
That's you go. 

I used a two pound roast from our meat guy, Nick.  Use whatever meat guy you like....but Nick rocks.  I just like to know where my meat comes me crazy like that.  
You will also need a packet of dry Italian dressing mix.

Throw the thawed roast, the seasoning packet and 2 cups of water in the crock pot.  Put it on low at 8am.  About 2pm your meat should easily shred.  Shred it up, put it back in the pot...or just shred it in the pot like I did and save the mess. 

Spill in a little pepperoncini juice....then cut up a couple pepperoncinis and throw those in....however many you like...go crazy.

Let that whole show cook on low for the rest of the day (until supper).  Lay out some nice bakery buns on a cookie sheet, plop a blob of meat on the bottoms, cover the meat with a slice of provolone or whatever cheese floats your boat, broil til the cheese melts.   Enjoy!


  1. I just saw this in my Reader and peed a excited! Ahhh I almost forgot about it! Thank you maam! And would you look at that melted cheese? Looks like a dang magazine photo it does. Like one of those photo shoots where it's not really cheese but something crazy like melted plastic which looks much better melted than actual cheese does.

    I'm trying to say it looks phenomenal. I've got a crowd of dudes to feed next week. Guess what they're getting?

    Italian beef.

  2. Looks good!! I will add this to my "to make file!"

  3. That looks SO good! And it's easy enough for even me LOL. I'm definitely going to try this.Thanks!

  4. We make this a lot, too. But I use the 3-2-1 method - 3 lb. roast, 2 packets of Italian seasoning, 1 can of beer. Delicious.

    I'm going to buy peppercinis next time I'm at Hy-Vee. How have I never thought of this?

  5. another reason why i'm not a vegetarian.

    and i love, love, love the new header pictures.... where ever did you get those cute little birds. ;)

    have a great weekend jen! i still can't wait to see that sign you teased us with!


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