Saturday, March 26, 2011


We were long overdue for a fun family day out.  Too bad Mother Nature has decided it's winter again in Iowa.  Oh well, that's why mittens were invented. :-)  My guys are geo-cachers...I'd never been.  We set out for the treasure hunt.....

 ....and found one. Under a bridge.  Neato.

 Treasure hunting is really hard work.  I mean, have you ever seen National Treasure?  There are car chases, bad guys, collapsing catwalks....okay our day was slightly less dangerous, but still tiring.

 I also bribed them with the thought of bulk gummy worms convinced my guys to swing by my FAVORITE bulk  Amish store, Stringtown Grocery.  I went crazy...just a little.  Seriously, who can resist organic whole wheat elbow macaroni?  Really?  You think you could?

 Hello Bear Family....I'm so happy you could visit with your cinnamony and blueberry-ey honey goodness.  Two honeys may seem excessive...but actually I had to take four others out of my cart...raspberry honey?  Strawberry honey? Shall I go on.  I'm going on a honey bender.  Keep your English muffins inside...or I'll swipe them and put honey on them. 

And the sprinkles.  They need no explanation.  Everyone needs sprinkles.

Happy family day.


  1. Ohhhh...jealous of the Stringtown loot. I always stock up on the organic whole wheat pasta when I go. It's the only kind of pasta we eat now. They used to sell tomato-basil linguine that was really good but they haven't had it for probably two years now. I miss it! Also, I LOVE the coconut oatmeal cookies they have in the front with the baked goods. I tried to bake a copycat version at home and they just didn't cut it. $2.50 is kind of a lot for 8 cookies but I don't care, I always load up when I'm there!

    I need to stop drooling all over my keyboard now...


  2. I can't wait until my boys are a little older and we can geocache again! My husband and I did that when we were dating. I gave you an award on my blog today. Stop by and check it out! :)

  3. I love the sleepy picture. Too darn cute.

    And where do you find these awesome stores? An Amish dry goods store? I wanna go.

  4. omg. you seriously didn't buy all that stuff!? haha. i'm totally jealous.

    lots like a super fun day! and it looks like your son's neck is going to snap off in that one picture. it's amazing how kids can sleep.

  5. Hi Jen,
    Soo... you don't know me, but my daughter happens to be walking down the isle with your 2 handsome little ones. I'm Lauren, Aven's Mom & Allison's sister-in-law. I love to look at blogs and love yours...I need to know where these awesome places that you go are..ReStore? and the Amish store with organic macaroni?? If you don't mind...could you send me more info (my email is
    Also, LOVE you signs!!


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