Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Done and Done...Yay!

Can I just say, one more time, to reiterate, to clarify.....I.LOVE.DOING.THIS.  I love creating something one of a kind and meaningful for wonderful people!  I have had the priviledge to stay busy with "sign work" for months now.   It's awesome.  Did I say that already?  Just to reiterate....again.  ;-)

I'm so pleased to share Allison's sign.  Each sign I create I think THIS one has to be my favorite.  They're all my favorite...but I thought this one was really pretty too.  Okay, I think they're all pretty....but this was special because the sign is to commemorate the location Allison and her husband were married in.  Neat, huh?  So anyway, here's the reveal! 

Do you have a special wedding to honor?  I know someone who can hook you up with a cool sign.  Oh wait, you got me.  It's me. 

I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who thinks I'm funny. LOL 

I loved painting the details on Allison's sign.  Details are my favorite.  To reiterate....again.  ;-) 

THEN, I had the honor to create some fun address signs for a dear high school friend who now lives forty bajillion miles away...okay not forty..maybe twenty.  New Jersey...how far away is New Jersey? 
These will be well traveled signs. 

And the sign's mini-me.

Enjoy your signs ladies!  I've been working away at creating some signs for my Etsy shop.....hope to have the red carpet roll out by the weekend! :-)


  1. Love the signs.....yes you are funny! ;) And very talented!!!!

  2. omg. omg. omg.

    i love, love the summer garden sign! just adore.

    the scroll work is bliss and true artistry. just beautiful.

    you'll be painting billboards and wall murals before you know it!

  3. So cute.I especially love the first one. Just so lovely, You have a gift.

  4. I am a sign painter too! I am following you now. Come visit me at


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