Sunday, March 13, 2011

Miss Eff's Dad....he must've been a cool cat

Wow it's been a crazy week.  I can't believe the people I've met lately....AH-MAY-ZING group of ladies....ladies with businesses...homegrown, creative, self sustaining businesses.  Businesses that need signs.  Lots of signs.....yay!  In all this creative, amazing craziness lately I forgot to show you the WHOLE sign I painted for Cathy.   This was a labor of love...Cathy is an amazing person.  You must visit her flower farm this summer if you are anywhere close to the MidWest.  Me describing her does her no have to be in her presence to experience her indomitable, effervescent personality.  Cathy's dad must have been an amazing guy himself...wish I could have met him.

Anyhoooo.....she asked me to paint a sign, in honor of her father, Dr. Linker, Veterinarian.  She provided a B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. antique table leaf as my "canvas" and away we went.

The details were fun to paint. 

These are the little touches that a machine can never reproduce...only a person...with a paintbrush.

We struggled a bit to properly photograph this big Clancey, hold this for Mommy while I take a photo of it in the good light.  Too heavy?  Well put it down. (ignore the pile of laundry in the background needing folding....and the floor that's not quite done...sign painting is way more fun.)

Just look cute for a minute. ;-)

Cathy posted a beautiful tribute to her dad on her blog after our tearful exchange of this sign.  If you haven't noticed...I get a little attached to each sign I paint.  I spend a considerable amount of time with each one....we develop a relationship.  I may need to ask for joint custody with the rest of the signs that come out of my least send me a pic of the sign in its new home.  That would make me happy. :-)

Guess whose sign is next?
I can hardly believe this....but I get to paint the front window sign for Becky at Willow Avenue Pottery.  Seriously?  How much more talented can a person be?  Falling over I'm so in love with her pottery.


  1. Michael .... I say the same thing over and over again.

    I love. love. love. it.

  2. You are so talented! I can understand why it would be difficult to part with!


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