Saturday, March 12, 2011

Wood Extravaganza

The ReStore was hoppin' today.....hoppin' with lots of great wood.  This fact could perhaps be argued by some.  The gal that manages the ReStore knows me now...okay, so maybe I'm there once in a while.  She just laughs when I come to the checkout....and then tells me that half the stuff I have in my cart I can just have for free because no one else would want it.  ;-)  I just love that.  Found some great paint today and lots of cool wood.   Crystal, Allison and're all taken care of!  Signs soon!!  I even found some lightweight wood that will be great for my Etsy store....light means cheaper to ship. :-)

Now tell me....what does that big piece remind you of? 

Maybe it's a tad of a leap in imagination.....but I might give it a try.

Good and dirty.  Just like I like it.

1 comment:

  1. I just heard yesterday that you were doing Becky's sign!! AWESOME!!!

    I love women helping women succeed in business!!!


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