Monday, March 7, 2011

CSN Review...How about them thar bar stools?

Meet my friend, CSN Stores.  Soon....very soon I will be posting another review about a very special item from CSN....shall it be a counter height stool?  I think it shall.  Do you remember the last stools I reviewed?   No....check them out....

...they're still awesome.  NOW for the tricky decision?  Should all four be MATCHING around my soon to be kitchen farm table?  OR, should I mix it up and choose something like this......

or this....

or this?


  1. We are getting ready to purchase bar stools!!

  2. I bet you could find some of #2 in a school bus barn near you! They remind me of my high school and I bet a lot of schools have them hidden away somewhere!

  3. Oh my gosh. I just looked down, and I'm sitting on one. Seriously. In the computer lab at the high school where I teach.

  4. Personally I like the original ones the best although I do like #3 also. Hmmmmm, I'm thinking I'm not much help with this question. LOL!

    Do you have anymore questions? Maybe I could be helpful with one of them instead! LOL

  5. I dunno, I really like the ones you have so I'd be inclined to get more of those. But to funktify it up, I'd choose numero uno. But then I'd paint them something like royal blue. Or not, I get reaally lazy when it comes to painting.

  6. I like stool # 1. I will be reviewing something for CSN too. Lighting, I believe...


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