Thursday, July 29, 2010

Garage Sales and Egyptians

The past two days we have spent cleaning the boys' room....and sorting....and cleaning....and sorting....and cleaning. Who knew two tiny people could have SO MUCH JUNK?! This was all in preparation for "the big boy bed". Our two year old made the leap. So, we needed to make space, which included taking down the crib (sniffle, sniffle). We're "done" if you know what I the next time the crib will be up is for grandbabies (am I that old?)
In the process of sorting, cleaning, sorting, cleaning I had an epiphany. Well actually I didn't...the idea had been stewing around in my brain since reading my friend Katie's post about "stuff" and frankly, how we have too much of it. SOOOO....I'm having a garage sale. My first ever. Crazy, huh? I can't even count change....and I'm having a garage sale. ;-)
This is my little pile as of yesterday (not including the furniture)'s grown since then.

Then, while we were sorting and cleaning and sorting...well you get the friend Dan delivered some aluminum sheet metal. Guess what that means? A SIGN!! I have my second ever paid commission!! A sign for a local daycare/learning center! I'll get to work on this on Saturday when I get into town to buy paint....I'll give you a sneak peak when it's finished.

SO.....when Dan came the boys went skittering off in every direction....ahh!! someone we don't know!!! you know how it is. When I came back into the house we returned to work upstairs with the boys inquiring as to "the man" outside. We talked about whose dad he was...that cleared it up for Marshall. Clancey wanted to know "what he does?". Well.....Dan has a very interesting job...he's an embalmer....and a race car driver. This sparked some very interesting questions...which led us to a favorite book...."The Ancient Egyptians", in which they describe in "kid friendly terms" what the Egyptians did to prepare people who had passed away.

I basically told the boys this is what Dan does, minus the sarcophagus. To this they wondered why the guy on the table died. I said "well he probably just got old and died." To which Clancey says "old like you?"

Uh, no. Thanks for asking.

I told the guys we just need to live a healthy life and hopefully we'll live a long time. To which Marshall responded......

I think I need to eat more fruit today.


  1. good luck with the garage sale! and please show us the sign when you finish! would love to see it!!

  2. Good Luck with your yard sale. I had one last week and made 165.00.

  3. Yay for your sign gig! You are gonna get lots more of these as more people see your mad skills. =)

    Make lots of money this weekend, okay? ;)

  4. Yay! I'm so proud of you! Isn't it a great feeling?


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