Saturday, July 17, 2010

Prayers For Ross

Remember how I mentioned "when it rains it pours"? We thank our stars that our raining includes nails and drywall and shingles and not our health.
That is not so for our dear friends the Butterbrodts.
Ross Butterbrodt, father of three, is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor (childhood kidney cancer) in 1963. His left kidney was removed and subsequent treatment consisted of heavy doses of radiation. The surgery and radiation that followed saved his life, but he has dealt with the after effects of radiation throughout his life. He has had many surgeries and has many chronic conditions, all related to the radiation damage. In the fall of 2009 he was referred to Mayo from UIHC. He had major surgery, which was followed by multiple complications, lingering into the spring of 2010.In June 2010, a new chapter began as he was diagnosed with a rare form of a very aggressive cancer. (I took this info from Ross' CarePage....written by his wife, our associate pastor, Lynn.)
Next Saturday the community will rally behind this incredible family, as we come together at the Butterbrodt Benefit. It gives us purpose. It gives us "something" to do....while I know the family was hesitant to agree to a benefit I am thankful they did. Now all of us back home can feel like we are doing SOMETHING to a situation we feel powerless in.

Benefit for Ross Butterbrodt
Saturday July 24, 2010
Clarence City Park
2:00pm-4:00pm Car Show

2:00pm Bean Bag Tournament- $20.00/team
25% payback– 16 years and older

2:00pm Silent Auction (closes at 8:30pm)

4:00pm Pork Sandwich Supper
(free will donation)

6:30pm Live Auction

Cash or checks (made out to the Clarence Volunteer Fire Department/Ross Butterbrodt Benefit) can be left at the Clarence Community State Bank
For more information please contact
Melody Hunwardsen or Kasey Sander
Bracelets are also being sold for Ross's benefit (orange or yellow) for $2.00 a piece. They can be picked up at Community State Bank in Tipton or Clarence or can contact Vickie Butterbrodt at 563-886-4286 or Amy Butterbrodt at 563-886-6641
Ross is a fireman, assistant chief to be I thought it would be fitting for my "donation" to the auction be a sign for the fire department. If there are any firemen, or family of firemen or past firemen or someone who just thinks the Clarence FD is cool.....please come to the auction and bid on the sign.....and all the other wonderful items that have been donated.
You'll be doing SOMETHING.
And if you can't be there....please just say a prayer.

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  1. I think these benefits are one of the best things about small towns. I'll keep him in my prayers.


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