Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Pickle of a Time....but not really

Last night the power went out. For hours. Now, this normally would not be a huge deal. However.....I had pickles that were ready for brine....they were READY. For all you pickle makers out there, you hear what I'm putting down, right? There is a critical period in a cucumber's life after it is plucked from the vine.
Old cukes make limp pickles.
(there's nothing dirty about that, get your mind out of the gutter.) ;-)
The pickle process needed to continue. It was dark. Really dark. I lit a candle, lit my electronic ignition gas stove with a lighter (which took courage because even after 6 years of gas stove ownership it still makes me a little nervous)....and proceeded.
All went well, despite the inconvenience.
Then this morning came. The reason I was pickling in the dark was, I was mowing in the light. I mowed till there was no light,but didn't finish. That happens when one push mows a lawn that is scandalously close to an acre.

This is normally my mowing happy little green LawnBoy. My happy Boy got really cranky this AM. What is normally a self propel mower decided it no longer wished to self propel. Do you have any idea how heavy a self propel mower IS when it no longer SELF PROPELS?


Feels a lot like this.
Well actually EXACTLY like this. Except I didn't have 6 Raiders to assist me.
But alas, it can be will be fixed as soon as my husband gets home and takes it to the mower doctor.
Do you ever stop and think about the things in life that we find SOO aggravating and
infuriating? How often are they really important or truly life changing? Rarely.
Give thanks for your health, your well being and your loved ones.
Thinking of you always Butterbrodt Family.


  1. Your mower comment is really funny. I don't know how heavy self-propelled mowers get when they stop self-propelling, but I can imagine, and your picture of the football players helps a lot! I used to be a cleaning lady and I know how heavy those self-propelled vacuums are when they have to be pushed!!!

  2. Right. So forget about the limp pickles and the lawn!!!

  3. Limp pickles? Hmmm.... I don't know about that.

    But I know about hard-to-push mowers. That's a bummer.


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