Sunday, July 11, 2010

This That and the Other Thing...Plus a Demon Shower

Do you ever have those kind of weeks? You know, the ones that zap you of EVERY. OUNCE. OF. ENERGY. IN. YOUR. BODY? That's what we was was fun....there was good bad news....there were train rides...and sharks.....and dinosaurs....and pickles....I'll share it all later.

Back to the good bad news. ;-) You know how we've been working on our kitchen? F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Well it's going to be a little longer.....because now we have another issue. A bathroom issue. When we considered remodeling the kitchen I had always thought we'd just do the bath at the same time, because they sort of go together...close proximity, etc. Well we all know how well I follow "the plan". Not well. So I just went for it with the kitchen.....but now the bath has a real issue. As in, a shower that leaks onto the basement floor below, with no way to fix it because the former homeowner installed it COMPLETELY WRONG. The fix? Tear out the shower and replace the drain, etc. just so happens that I really strongly dislike the shower....and the GIGANTO jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. The tub? We use it as a GIGANTO laundry basket. Seriously, it would take the WHOLE water heater to fill the darn thing. I've never bathed in it, ever. The boys have "swam" in it a time or two...but that's it.

Really? R.E.A.L.L.Y? We could park a small Buick in our bathroom without the two of these space hogs.
The demon unfixable shower.
Giganto jacuzzi tub....would anyone like to trade this for a normal tub?
I'll throw in a jar of pickles if you take it.
Our plumber...doing a little "why you need to know math in everyday life" demonstration at the school....yeah, he's cool like that, when he's not at our house explaining why things break, to me.

So, again, back to the good bad news. Our plumber...our dear, sweet, helpful, messenger of good bad news has declared we should just tear out the shower and install a tub (that I've always wanted anyway) and call it good.....ditch the shower, ditch the giganto jacuzzi tub/laundry basket, install a normal tub. So folks, what do you think this means? NEW BATHROOM!!!!!! We'll have the LAST TWO ROOMS in our house redone!!
Then I guess it's time to start from the beginning again ;-)

That last part is for my husband's benefit. he he he.

In reality, the sink half of the bathroom could stay the same....but I'm really thinking a new vanity would be nice? I mean, if you're making a mess anyway, what's a little extra mess? ;-)

Oh....and in the middle of all this, my garden is going INSANE!!!! I've been pickling and blanching and canning and weeding and....and....and.....doing it all with pots that look like this!!! (uh, yes, that is a corn poker I'm using as a "handle") The handles have fallen off, my biggest pot bit the dust several months ago when the bottom delaminated and sounded like a bomb went off in my kitchen. I've been using a huge stock pot that doesn't quite fit the bill.....UNTIL.....CSN Stores contacted me to do a review...phew! Just in the nick of babies are coming to live at our house and I'll TOTALLY let you know how they work!!


  1. I was gonna say, you should totally just figure in the cost of new pots and pans as part of the "remodel."

    Good luck on the bathroom. I've been trying to get mine done for 2 years now. Seriously. But that's cause we don't have a plumber. We have a husband and dad who do it all.

  2. Oooooo... I'm so excited to see your new bathroom, too. It's going to be great. And, definitely get a new vanity. While you are doing it. And, PS, can't wait for your pickle recipe. I haven't had a SINGLE cucumber. WTH?


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