Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hallway Reveal...Sorta

Do you remember the hole that launched a thousand ships? Yep, that would be the one up there. That hole made me tear down my entire kitchen ceiling. Yep, I did that. Yep, I'm crazy. Clinically. BUT...I am making progress. Tiny, arthritic. snail pace progress....but progress. The progess is mostly contained in the tiny hallway that links the back entry to the kitchen...I think it will spill into the kitchen soon. Please God make it spill into the kitchen soon. I did have a plumber/electrician stop by yesterday...that counts as progress, right? Well actually he was here in regards to the demon shower..but alas....I'll save that story for another post.

Here's where we started. Faux paneling, dropped hallway ceiling, 473 layers of wallpaper, with frosting plaster finish on top.

This, now looks like.....


This, now looks like.....


This, now looks like.....


Now I just need to finish painting the trim, install the beadboard, hang the hook rail, finish my secret little closet project, paint my (SQUEALING!!!!) dutch door and we'll be done! with the teeny tiny hallway......then onto the behemeth....the kitchen.


  1. It looks so much better! Well worth all the work!

  2. WOW! It looks great. Love the ceiling and the white trim.

  3. what an improvement! amazing job. i really, really love that aqua blue color. i've always wanted to paint a room that color. i will just have to live vicariously through yours until i can.


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