Sunday, July 4, 2010

In the the the car

Jen, why do your projects take so long to get to complete? Thank you for asking. I have other priorities. Priorities that giggle and laugh and run around the house like a pack of wild animals. ;-)
We made an amazing FIFTEEN trips back and forth to the neighboring town last week for swimming lessons and an AWESOME program through the ISU Extension Service called Summer Discovery.

Everyone was safely buckled. As was the big cow in the front seat next to me (no I did not say I was the big cow, I had an ACTUAL cow strapped into the front seat....well not an ACTUAL mooing, hoofing, eat the grass cow, but a big stuffed cow.) It was a scene.


  1. lol. Very cute. I'm glad they were all safe in the carseat! But why, oh why, wasn't Clancey wearing a shirt?

  2. So funny! Why does life get in the way of projects?!


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