Friday, July 23, 2010

Spicy Garlic Pickles many cucumbers in my garden that something occurred to me today as I was picking ANOTHER grocery sack full......
what will I do with them when I'm done making pickles?
Frankly I got a bit panicky. I REALLY don't like to waste I'll keep picking as long as they are producing. I'm going to have to get creative I think. I've never had this problem situation in the cuke department before.....does anyone have ideas out there...besides pickles?
When my mom and dad were here this week we made Spicy Garlic Pickles.
I've never tried this one before but it sounds DELICIOUS!
Now....we'll wait 6 weeks and crack one open for the verdict!


  1. O MY GOSH... these all came from your garden???? Wow! These garlic pickles sound right up my alley.

    Looking forward to seeing ya Sunday, Queen of the Cucumber. ;)

  2. Wow......I am amazed your garden produced all of that. You must have a total green thumb. Those spicy pickles look awesome and I can't wait for a full report on the taste. If I had planted cucumbers I would definitively be asking for the recipe!

  3. You could make fried pickles! I had those in the outer banks last week.


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