Monday, January 31, 2011

Super Cool Tool Organization

So, what do you do when you're building the most awesome barn ever?  Apparently you build the most awesome tool organizers ever, on the side.  At least that's what Papa does.  Little old me got these awesome surprises!!  A super cool organizer for my screwdrivers.

That also has tiny little magnets across the front to hold my ginormous collection of spackle knives.

And this super awesome little organizer that has a clip for my tape measure (that's now in a place where I can actually reach it without climbing onto my workbench)....AND it holds pencils.

And last but not least.....a special holder for my chisels.  Wow.  If there is a problem to be dad is the "go to" guy.  He's a details guy.  Guess what's up next in his workshop?  MY TABLE!!!!!!!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!!


  1. This is so cool, Jen. I love tool storage. I just wish Ryan would use his. ;)

  2. You have a very special Father and the your boys have a special Papa!!

  3. Very cool! Our tools are NOT stored neatly at all!

  4. Incredible!!!!!! I love anything organized!


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