Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bulkheads Just Wanna Have Fun

On Day 3 of our journey through the kitchen details I'll show you the north wall.  This wall isn't ENTIRELY finished...a couple teeny things to finish....but I wanted to show you one of my favorites.  So as we can see....this is the before.  (Gosh, I hope you didn't think that was the after. ;-)   

For matter of budget, effort, basically not wanting to mess with them, I kept our cabinets intact. I painted them bright white with some super duper paint my paint store guy recommended.  Truly, it will change your life if you use it. (but I'm too lazy to go to the basement to get the name of it....if you'd like the name jingle me.)  I changed all the hardware...all brushed nickel bin pulls and handles now.  Loves them.  But before we get to all that....take a look up there at the bulkhead.  From the day we moved in it looked gross, dirty, spackley...yuck.   

SOOO....I decided to make it fun.  Bulkheads just wanna have fun.  And what is more fun than a chalkboard I ask you?  Not too much I say.  Now I realize this will not float everyone's boat.  You may look at it with a lemon face and say oooh, why would she do something weird like that?  I love it, that's why.  I can change what it says every five minutes if I so desire....and I have a thing for words....and only so much space in my house for more signs.   Or I can draw Christmas trees on it....or attempt to chalk any number of the amazing things that Michael draws on his chalkboards like this or this or this.

Love the black against the white.

Today it says "All good things are wild, and free."  It's Henry David Thoreau being a genius. 
Just think if we were all a tad more wild and free.  Glorious.

I wish you could all smell those roses on the counter right now.  Heavenly. 
Nothing like an old fashioned rose plucked from the yard. 

Yep, I'm loving it. You might want to go wild and give it a try.  It's only paint.

The littles discussed the quote.  Big brother whispered to little brother "I think she's talking about us."  :-)


  1. i hate bulkheads and would much rather have the display space. but i LOVE what you did with yours... i'm not surprised at all that you made them into a chalkboard :)
    great job on the remodel! -michelle

  2. I adore the chalkboard up there! It looks awesome and WHAT FUN for holidays. WHAT FUN!

    You are seriously so awesome. Your kitchen is amazing. What a transformation. And it's so darn clean. I wish my kitchen was clean right now, but I'm too lazy to do it. ;)


  3. Great idea!! Bulkheads always seem to pose a design challenge. I haven't commented much lately on all your recent kitchen posts, so I just need to say that the kitchen looks absolutely beautiful. You did a *great* job on it!!

  4. Gorgeous. Man, the kitchen looks fantastic! I never would've thought to use chalkboard paint on the bulkheads but I love it.

  5. It looks awesome! And ya know, Michael's chalkboard wall was totally the catalyst for ours. And it was the best decision ever.


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